How do employees eat?

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Skyhawk06 said:

This thread has gotten more and more ridiculous.

Proud 5th Liner and CP fan since 1986.

The title of this thread begs for ridiculousness.

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haha, I was just going to write the same thing. The phrase "how do employees eat?" has made me laugh every time I read it.

Tall and fast not so much upside down...

Have to admit, I scratched my head the first time I read it.

Honestly, I mostly ate out of vending machines in the break areas. The cafeteria was not at all convenient because I worked in the back of the park, so walking to and from the cafeteria already ate up a huge chunk of my lunch break. And then if there was a long line, forget it - there wouldn't even be time to eat. The cafeteria is nice if your work location is close to it, but if you have to hike to get to it, never mind.

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Cassandra L., if I'm not mistaken they served the back of the park employees food at a break area located behind The Stockade. You can always see employees going thru a door next to that basketball shooting place as well as along the CPLE RR tracks past the booth.

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The more economical route would be to wear a gull costume and beg for kids to toss you fries.

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