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Shane Denmark said:
Somebody pointed out a while back that Rougarou is listed to be closed on HalloWeekend Fridays. I found that interesting.

I tweeted at Tony Clark and he sent me the link for what is NOT open Friday nights since I could not find it on the CP website. It's under "experiences" on the halloweekends page. Rougarou is closed along with Gemini, mine ride and corkscrew along with some flat rides.

Do these represent to lowest volume roller coasters? Blue Streak is ahead of Gemini and Rougarou?

Luna, I would say it is a location thing. Blue Streak is immediately adjacent to this year's centerpiece. It will see crowds just from being there. Not having that ride open on Fridays puts a dark station right in the middle of the (current) hot spot of the park. Also, the House on Boo Hill is also right there if I recall correctly. This is an area the park does not want to have closed attractions.

Halloweekeds 2016 Pre-season ratings!

I'm going to tell each of you my opinion on all 12 Haunts that are going to be in Cedar Point's Halloweekends 2016 and do a little preseason ratings for Halloweekends 2016! Because why not this is a forum so minds well share my opinion!

Indoors: I love the indoor haunts Cedar Point has to offer in the 2016 season!

Slaughterhouse: I think this being the newest haunt in Halloweekends had a great year last year. I loved seeing it from the views while riding Millennium Force last year and cant wait to see it again. I also love the theming for this haunt with the beginning of the queue wait!

Wax Museam: This haunt last year had probably its best year in my opinion because it felt like not many people went to this haunt last year so it made the screamsters go after you more and I love how the actors on the outside in the front entrance they have lots of energy and humor!

Erie Estate: This one has been here for a long time and it still proves a great haunt this haunt always makes me think of the Disney Worlds Haunted Mansion I feel the themeing is similar to that attraction. I always like hearing the creepy noises this haunt gives off.

Hexed: This haunt when it first came out I honestly didn't like it but its grown on me and as of late last year I stared to love it. I know a lot of the screamsters in this zone and knowing the screamsters makes your experience better in my opinion. Plus I love all the cool illuminating colors you see in the rooms.

Zombie High School: My 2nd favorite indoor, this haunt is great. Its a shame the line is always too long ha-ha. But this haunt I feel is the scariest in the park. I always jump once in this house and i love the music, Some nice Left For Dead 2 zombie hordes and Hunter Pouncing.

Eternity Infirmary: My personal favorite indoor. I always loved this indoor it was always special to me. I love the siren car that goes off ever 30 minutes and makes a loud noise. I love many of the rooms and its design. Back in its old days for me this and Happy Jacks always were my two favorite indoor haunts. Now in the present the siren still goes off and the virus is still spreading lol.

Outdoor: This is where Cedar Point need work on to improve for future!

Cornstalkers: This is the oldest haunt in Cedar Point now and I gotta say I love the cornfields and this one always makes me hungry for kettle corn out by Panda Express, but I feel like the fog is the best in this haunt and I like when the screamsters split up your group to go in two separate paths. I do miss when the car uses to make a loud siren noise I hope they fix that issue. What is it with me and sirens lol I love them.

Cut Throat Cove: This in my opinion is my most favorite outdoor walk through currently in the haunted house lineup for 2016. I love how long this walk through is, it always seems to take forever to get to the end of it. And hearing that bang noise every minute is the best especially if your waiting for Eternity Infirmary you hear a big BANG! In line scares the crap out of us. I love all the themeing and props of skeletons in the baskets this haunt is amazing. I'd love to see Terror Island come back one day in the future though. But I love seeing this haunt while riding Maverick it makes for an interesting ride.

Blood On The Bayou: This haunt is themed perfectly for the area under Iron Dragon which is the best area for it in the swamped area out by Top Thrill Dragster. This haunt is very inconsistent though sometimes it'll be scary and sometimes it'll be lame in the scare factor but the props are nice!

Screamworks: This haunt is in the area that always screams guests. I can see Cedar Point changing the theme for this one in a couple years like they did a long time ago but I always love seeing this area with lights and fog and all the benches on the sides.

Tombstone Terror-Tory: This haunt I honestly love the theme but Its very short and I don't like it for that reason only. Back when they put in this haunt it essentially replaced Fear Fair when it left and I don't have a problem with that just replace Fear Fair with something with the same length as it not something that takes a minute to complete. But as for me nice themeing and like the concept of being by the saloon.

FearyTales: Horrible in about every-way. The themeing is lacking. I still like the screamsters in here. I love the screamsters in every Cedar Point haunt there all nice people that enjoy scaring the crap out of us. But seriously Cedar Point this haunt has to go pronto for the return of the circus tents back in Camp Snoopy!

So what are your pre-halloweekends ratings of all the haunts let me know what you think of all the opinions that I had of all the haunts enjoy your day!

It is nice that you can rate something before you have even seen it or experienced it.

I'm just going off my thoughts of last year and this year should be very similar with minor changes to the skeleton key rooms!

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One thought I had about last year. I really loved the slaughter house and really thought the "meat grinder" was a lot of fun. Basically you squeeze through a dark inflatable tunnel. However, I noticed toward the second half of Halloweekends season, it got really smelly from body odor and seemed less inflated. Hopefully they maintain it throughout the season and clean it on a regular basis.

On the park's snapchat, some sneak peeks of the new skeleton rooms on the frontier trail were just posted and two words...HAPPY JACK'S! Looks like one of the room's is titled "Happy Jacks Toy Outlet". Looks great. I like how theyre bringing back an old haunt in a smaller way. Totally cant wait to check it out.

Arms Down, Head Back, and Hold On!...Arms Down!...Arms Down......

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If I'm purchasing a fright lane pass, would I be fine if I just purchased it at the park on Saturday or is it possible they'll be sold out?

Happy Jack's was one of my favorite houses at CP over the years, so if I do Fright Lane this season, I'll look forward to the throwback.

That being said, I really hope Cedar Point's new Skeleton Key rooms take on a different direction than what they were previously. They were marketed as more intense haunt experiences, but CP really went with a strange / funny / gross vibe for the previous two seasons.

I realize Cedar Point is a corporate, family-friendly park and that their material is limited in certain ways, but I saw a couple creative Skeleton Key rooms at Kings Island that delivered a more intense haunt experience without feeling like a gimmick. I know they can be done right and add to the overall experience, so I hope CP comes through this year.

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Went Saturday 9/17 and have a few notes about the haunts and scarezones.

Most, if not all haunts seemed very short staffed. Zombie High was closed and I presumed it was because of the lack of screamsters. There was approximately 5 screamsters in both Eden Musee and Hexed. I would walk through multiple rooms at a time without a single person jumping out at me. There were very few screamsters also in the outdoor scarezones, especially Feary Tales and the steam punk area. The inflatable tunnel in the slaughter house was deflated just had air blowing out of a delaptated sheet basically.

Typical of the first weekend. I wouldn't expect full staffing to kick in until the first weekend of October.

I went both Friday and Saturday, and the staffing in the houses was much lower on Saturday. I assume it was weather related, as it rained a good part of day until about 730. The only house that seemed to have proper staffing was Hexed. Zombie High School being closed was disappointing, it's usually my favorite.

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CoasterGuy15 said:

Most, if not all haunts seemed very short staffed.

It would be nice if the park tried hard enough to make this more of a rare occurrence instead of the norm. This is always the first complaint every year.

We went on Saturday and were in line for Zombie High before the event opened. A staff member came out and told us it was opening late due to the rain leaking in and causing water damage. I'm wondering if it just never opened because of that. They did have staff inside, though, and were planning on opening. We then ran over to Hexed and they seemed plenty staffed when we went through. The steampunk area seemed well-staffed too. Fear-Tales was a disaster, though. Almost no one and nothing going on, was very disappointed.

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I actually saw the clowns in the Feary Tale area sitting on the ledges by pipe scream talking to each other. I'm not sure if that was part of the gimmick or they were just being lazy and not doing their job. I was very disappointed when I saw that because they definitely weren't interacting with the guests.
Also, for Eerie Estate, I noticed the screamsters walking in and out of the side door when in the queue. They were clearly going on break but it kind of broke character when they were talking to one another and eating/drinking right outside the haunt! Isn't there a break room for them to do this? It just really distracted from the whole experience. Something similar also happened when I was in hexed. There was a inspector of sorts walking through with us and checking the effects and asking the screamsters if everything is working properly.

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Yeah, thinking the staffing in the haunts will improve later in the year but....can we get the BIG Ogre by the Corral and the tall Goblin that sings outside the Pagoda Gift Shop fixed please so they are moving and singing again? That was disappointing on Sunday.

I'd be disappointed if I spent $20,000 on an animatronic and it stopped working.


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I have to comment that the sheer amount of disappointment in this thread is... disappointing

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

I guess this can be the Disappointments Room?

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