Halloweekends 2016

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Aside from that, I'm surprised no one on Pointbuzz has been to the park recently.

Really feeling like fall with college football up and Halloweekends right around the corner. Can't wait to get to Cedar Point for it.

My one small complaint is the duel names haven't grown on me. Knott's Berry Farm simply goes by Knott's Scary Farm (even though I think the term "Haunt" actually started there). I think Cedar Point would be ahead to just go back to Halloweekends and drop the Haunt/Great Pumpkin Fest. That said, I get why they have the distinction too.

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Cedar Scary Point ?

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

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Shawn Meyer said:

Anybody been to the park recently? Just wandering if the gravestones of past rides are up yet?

I was there this past Wednesday. No gravestones if my memory serves me right.

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I was there Tuesday for about 2 hours. Saw no gravestones but didn't look for them either.

According to the 2016 HalloWeekends map (on the Plan Your Trip page of the Haunt site) the new daytime parade will be using the original parade route that runs the length of the park. Presumably the new floats will be short enough to pass underneath the popcorn lights of the Gemini Midway.

Other items of note on the map include the approximate locations of the Skeleton Key rooms on Frontier Trail, the inclusion of Blood Drums (although I don't believe they are listed on the site elsewhere) by Giant Wheel, and the couple of new It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown offerings around Planet Snoopy.

"Thank the Phoenicians!"

My son is very excited that Linus' Mummy Pit is returning!


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Interesting that the Great Pumpkin Fest page is up but not Halloweekends.

On a separate note, I was at the point yesterday. I saw many decorations over in the lot behind the games and near Gatekeeper. They have a lot of the signage up for the various haunts like Hexed and Blood on the Bayou.

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Looks like no new additions this year, which is odd because its the 20th anniversary. I thought they could have added a new haunt building behind Valravn and between the bleachers for Celebration Plaza where the gravel is now. Oh well

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There are additions, they just happen to be up charge additions. Skeleton key
The park is clearly banking on the popularity of the event. There's no need to draw additional people with additional haunts, the park has to be at or above capacity on some

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New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

They can even market the 20th Anniversary as an attraction without adding anything at all.

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I also was thinking they could have made the new Valravn Midway a scare zone with evil birds and scarecrows

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CP Maverick said:

They can even market the 20th Anniversary as an attraction without adding anything at all.

Exactly. With that in mind, it wouldn't surprise me if there was little added in 2020 for the 150th anniversary.

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I haven't been to halloweekends in many years due to the extreme crowds, but now that I have a platinum pass I am going to give it a go. Is it safe to assume that Friday nights in September are the least crowded? I figure there's no Great pumpkin fest on Fridays, most people are not in the Halloween mood until October and with better weather there's a much better chance of all the rides operating keeping lines down. I don't care about the haunts and Halloween attractions. I just love to ride the coasters at night.

Wavefunction- That used to be the case. But from what I've heard lately the biggest factor is the weather. Of course Saturday's will be busiest with everything else being equal. I remember we went on a Friday in 2007 and rode everything with minimal waits and hit a few haunted houses, too. That was awesome.


There are apparently a whole bunch of rides that do not operate on Fridays. Just so there's no surprise.

Sorry, we rode everything that was open and wasn't a kiddy ride that Friday night in 2007...



This was all i could find real quick and i know it's a couple of years old. But I'm 100% sure I saw a similar list for this year either at the park or on the website.

Somebody pointed out a while back that Rougarou is listed to be closed on HalloWeekend Fridays. I found that interesting.


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