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My wife and I take turns riding with the kids and it would be nice to share one account for the both of us.

If you have a phone with the Cedar Point app, add your wife's pass to your phone and then scan her pass from the phone at the Funpix kiosks. I have more on-ride photos from this season so far than I've had my whole life combined! And CP has $40 that they wouldn't have gotten otherwise from me. I don't think I'd pay much more for it, but at this price, I'd say it's a win-win.


MDOmnis said:If you have a phone with the Cedar Point app, add your wife's pass to your phone and then scan her pass from the phone at the Funpix kiosks.

I tried this with my kids' passes and it did not work. The kiosk beeps, but otherwise doesn't respond.

Hmmm - not sure. We have the FunPix tied to my wife's pass (took a bit of messing around to get it right on Preview night). I have her pass added on my phone along with the kid's pass. Went to the park this weekend with my kid (no wife) and got at least a dozen pics added. I even had them add a couple of pics from the front gate to her pass and she wasn't even in the park. Not sure if I am just lucky or maybe there's just something wrong with your account that could be corrected.

Aside from some training issues and issues with the cameras the first weekend, the system is working great for us. If it weren't possible to share it like this, I certainly wouldn't buy two and it might make me reconsider buying it at all. I think they could do more with the website, but overall, I think it's a great idea and working fairly well so far.


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Is there any way to view the pics without the borders? I thought I remember doing it once on their website, but I can't seem to find a way to do that. Maybe they changed it so you can't do that anymore.

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I bought the funpix already, and printed off the receipt. So when I get there i go to one of the kiosks and get the card? How early do the kiosks open and where are they located? We are staying at Lighthouse Point so we get the extra hour and i plan on making as much of it as I can and I didn't want to spend alot of time when i could be doing some damage :-) I had herd that i can write down the photo number and ride and add it later when i get the card, is that true?



Yes you can write down the photo numbers, but I don't believe the cameras work in early entry.

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Yes they do. They even had the photo shops open during Coastermania ERT.

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It depends. Usually when I go to Maverick during early entry, the gift shop doesn't open until around the time the park opens. That said, I've never had them try digging through photos from before they opened that day.

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Just got back and I thought I would tell you some things I did find out

-I stopped by the main funpix location first thing and I was able to get 2 copies of the card, no problem at all! So our group was able to split!

- the ride photos were going first thing in the morning so we got the pictures from those too

Thanks you guys for all your info to make our trip great


Almost similar to the printing service that I am getting at, but keychain is something they don't offer yet, and I am planning to get it here.

Noticed today that in typical Cedar Fair fashion prices have gone up for Funpix.

Noticed a single day has gone from $29.99 to $34.99.

Season long funpix is now at $49.99 from $39.99.

Would like to note, this is the price I noticed in park and I have not checked the website to see if it is still being offered online at a lower price.

I still think this is a bargian, but I'm holding off until there is a chainwide version available.

Mrs Dash said:

-I stopped by the main funpix location first thing and I was able to get 2 copies of the card, no problem at all! So our group was able to split!

The kiosk at Woodstock Express was not loading our picture, so I asked the attendant to add it. She noticed I had three platinum passes in my pouch and added the other two to my FunPix account so my daughter can now go off with her cousins without me and add their pictures.

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WolfBobs said:

Noticed today that in typical Cedar Fair fashion prices have gone up for Funpix.

That's not "typical Cedar Fair fashion". That's "typical competent business fashion".


I guess poor wording on my part but I don't see anything wrong with the price going up. Knowing what Disney charges (100$+) I was surprised the starting price was so low to begin with.

I didn't mean to sound as one who disagrees with CF making every dime they can! Profit = Cap ex! I was actually thinking last night I was surprised they haven't started offering a "twilight fastlane" that was good starting say after 7pm for a lower cost then one purchased earlier in the day.

"Twilight Fastlane"... I like the sound of that. I usually spend the day with my kid and then when he goes to bed mom stays with him and I go ride the big boy rides for a couple hours. I'd love Twilight Fastlane.


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So I did the season Fun Pix pass this year and have accumulated about 60 photos over the summer. I looked on the web site to see how long the photos will be available and read the following on the FAQ:

For Single Day Pass holders, FunPix photos will be available for 30 days. For All Season Pass holders, FunPix photos will be available until the end of the season.

So I am going to pull all of these off the app sometime this month, but does anybody know = will the photos be wiped on the morning of October 31st? The FAQ only says until the end of the season... I guess I'll just have to wait and see and make sure to get any last weekend photos off the app right away just to be safe.

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I would assume that the pictures will be available only until the last day of the season.

In reality, I'm sure there will be a reasonable window during which they're available beyond October 30th. After all, the FunPix site does allow you to buy things there, so storing the pictures for a while represents a revenue opportunity for FunPix and the park that wouldn't exist without the cloud storage. But because the FAQ is as stated, it's better to be safe than sorry.


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That's kind of lame. Online storage is crazy cheap these days. I'm surprised they don't retain it for at least a year regardless of ticket status.

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This is probably as good a place as any to post this.

We purchased FunPix this year when it was $39.99. I'm mostly happy with it. We saved a bunch of on-ride pictures that we surely would not have gotten otherwise. I make the kids take a picture with me every time we come in the front gate, which is something my wife likes. Every couple of trips we also stop at the barrel and take a picture with the automated camera.

There are some things I wish they would improve. I expected they would have more "roaming" photographers, like WDW. Pictures in places like Frontiertown, in front of ride signs, with screamsters during Halloweekends. There are a lot of possibilities that I feel they miss out on. But, the only time I ever saw a camera that wasn't at the front gate was on opening weekend at the Valravyn throne, and I don't think we got our pictures from that because of the WiFi issue that day. I understand that they are occasionally found at the resort gate, but we have never seen them there. Also, my son is in the 48-52" range. There are only three rides in the park that have on-ride photos for him...MF, Magnum, and Woodstock Express.

With the price going up to $49.99 next year, I don't see us purchasing this add-on for 2017.

I'm sure it's hit or miss depending on the day, but several trips this season there was an older gentleman photographer who was working the Frontier Trail area. We had family pics taken in front of the Gazebo and the railings of the walkway/bridge leading from Mine Ride to Maverick. And, he didn't just snap a quick photo either, he posed us in several different ways and groupings. He was great.

Later in the season, there was a photographer stationed at the wall of pumpkins near the entrance of TTD. At least this was the case on the Sundays that we were there. Can't tell you about Saturdays as we avoid Saturdays during Halloweekends like the plague.

I agree though that there should be more roaming photographers in all areas of the park. And, I'm glad I read this thread so that I can get the last of my downloads for the season. It honestly never occurred to me that they would only be available until the end of the season!

Thanks for sharing that information!

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