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chris9ty said:

It doesn't mean the kids are the same height and can go on everything.

The photos are tied to the pass, not the family members.

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Let's say you have the pass, and a FunPix photographer is at the gazebo near SkyHawk (I'm sure that will be one of the locations). You approach them, have them scan your pass, and voila...that picture is uploaded to your account.

The same will work for your on-ride photos. My guess of how it will work at Cedar Point is that you will scan your pass at the already-established on-ride photo buildings at the ride exits, and they will connect your on-ride photo with your pass.

As Noggin said, the pass needs to be present. The human holding the pass is irrelevant.

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So I'm guessing park-wide WiFi was a prerequisite for this. Nonetheless, I find it to be a tremendous value.
I've asked Carowinds if I can buy a season long FunPix for my multi day trip there. They have indicated that they believe you can only get it (and use it) at your home park.

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Noggin, Chris9ty nailed my situation exactly. My son is 16 and my daughter is 4. There aren't a whole lot of rides we can ride together as a family. lol We do split up a lot and being able to pass the picture "pass" back and forth between my wife and I makes this a whole lot more attractive.

Thanks Kevin for the insight (btw great spot on Nightline!). That's pretty much how I imagined it would work but there's just a little bit of vagueness to the details on the CP website. It seems like a pretty good deal, and we are certainly going to consider it. Like Thabto said, you get 3 on-ride photos and it's paid for. To me, the biggest advantage there is I don't have to carry around the photo with me or make an extra trip out to the car. I've had on-rides before that I might have bought, but didn't specifically for that reason. This would definitely eliminate that.

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Your question above, as written, only indicated you had children, so I had no way of knowing their respective ages.

As noted, scanning your Funpix pass links a picture to your account, regardless of who proffers the pass to be scanned.

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No problem whatsoever.

So with this program, how will I be able to catch up with Charlie Brown during the season?

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You'll have to solve Advanced Calculus equations in order to get the geographic coordinates and the exact moment he'll appear.

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Or you simply book one of the Peanuts Theme rooms in Hotel Breakers and he and Snoopy will come say goodnight to you with photo ops.

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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Do you think that we would be able to process our funpix accounts during season pass preview night (May 6th)

XS NightClub said:
Or you simply book one of the Peanuts Theme rooms in Hotel Breakers and he and Snoopy will come say goodnight to you with photo ops.

This was one of the highlights of our stay at Hotel Breakers in 2013 & 2014. Didn't realize they came around to the rooms, but we saw Snoopy in the lobby dressed in PJs every night. My son still talks about it.


cp kid said:
Do you think that we would be able to process our funpix accounts during season pass preview night (May 6th)

You should be able to. Other than being limited to pass holders everything that is open will be operating as a regular day.

Knotts Network ( a fan blogger) posted some pics of the Fun Pix info and ride photos from Knotts Berry Farm today. He is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you want to see it.

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I hope they have the option to buy the photo at the park for $5 as they do at Knotts. Call me crazy but I love having my on-ride photo's in the sleeve with said rides name, stats, and artwork. Having said that, I'm really glad they added this, it's a screaming deal, and hey, I will now have more interest in front gate photo's ;-)

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I bought (all season) FunPix online for my trip to Carowinds March 25-29. Was having trouble getting the photos added to my account without watermarks. Finally on Monday an employee at Fury 325 noticed that my season pass was not added to my account, thus the photos weren't able to download. For photos at the front gate, they were giving FunPix cards that you could take to any FunPix location to get added to your online account.

All on-ride photos are now watermarked on the monitors to prevent people from taking pictures of them.

I had a Kennywood season pass last year and they had a similar deal except it was only $5 for unlimited digital pictures for passholders. I'm hoping they have it again this year. I will probably get the 1 day Funpix at CP this year since it will be my daughters first time there.

I got a FunPix daypass at Carowinds on opening day, 3/25, and overall it was very well worth it. The two notable snags were: 1. The associate at the stand where I redeemed my card didn't fully setup my account, so I had to go through and make it myself through a different email. 2. Some of the pictures although they did appear to be "ours" on the screen, when they were later paired with the frame it didn't line up to be our picture, and 3. The pictures were watermarked on the day of my visit, and I couldn't access the digital downloads until the next day. But for $20 I got 6 onride pictures, it was definitely worth the money.

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I'm assuming the updated app has not been rolled out yet? I've checked for updates several times over the past month and there is still no option on the CP app to upload season pass or funpix info (ie it's still the same crappy app they've always had). If they don't get this rolled out by opening day it kind of makes using Funpix a little difficult. lol I'm on an iphone. Is android in the same spot?

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Download the Kings Island app. You'll see what the new app will look like. Carowinds released theirs shortly before opening day.

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Yeah I've got the KI app. It looks good although we found the wait times to not be accurate this past weekend. The app was saying 75 minutes for Diamondback when the line was 10 at the most. I haven't tried uploading my passes to the app yet. Probably just wait for the CP app to get updated.

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