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I got my issue with the FunPix resolved. I emailed customer support (Thanks cp kid for the email address) and it took a few emails back and forth until they asked me to take a picture of my pass, so they can attach it. I got all my photos now.

And I do agree with the post above. With the new pass add-on at a very good price point, on-ride photo popularity has exploded. Some of the photo-stations were understaffed on Sunday. They only had one attendant at Gatekeeper's shop and the person in front of me ordered 2 keychains and a print, so I had to wait for the guy working there to make the keychains. I'm sure they will get that resolved, I know this was just mainly a "preview" weekend and all staff isn't available yet. Other than that, I'm very happy with this addition.

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I had an issue with FunPix where the employees were able to see our pictures on their computers off my season pass but it wasn't linked properly to my online FunPix account or the CP app. If anyone else has this issue inside the CP app you can scan your season pass barcode, as soon as I did that all pictures we had were linked and worked properly.

Are the Funpix cards separate or they are connected to your pass? Sorry if this has been answered but I seem to be missing something.

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I use my season pass. Not sure if you can get a FunPix card to use as an alias for your pass.

Jess12: You can have at the very least 2 season passes attached to the funpix account, as I was able to add my wife's pass to the account on the website. As far as the cardboard funpix cards, it appears these can be added too, but I didn't add one to mine, the person at the front funpix station must have done this because when I was looking at the pics on the website yesterday I saw a third "card" attached to my account that was shorter than either of my passes and I verified it was the Funpix card we had in our lanyard.

Here is what I've figured out so far with Funpix. I hope this is helpful for people.

1. You can use the same account from all Funpix passes you buy at each of the CedarFair Parks. I have all-season for both CP and KI on my account. The only drawback that I think they should fix is; there is no folder system. I wish we could have each of the days pics go in daily folder labeled by day and park like "CP_5-8-2016".

2. With the new info above about the cardboard FunPix card being added to my account, I need to verify this, but: Initially the cardboard cards are there own "account". You can use the card throughout the park in place of your season pass, and then take the card to a FunPix station and have them transferred into your season account. The only problem I found with this, is that the FunPix workers will usually just dump all pics on the card into your account, so my Family and I took a front of park pic, had it added, then later when we had some pics taken in front of the Valravn throne, we use the card again, and when we went back to the funpix station to have them added to the season account, they added the front of park pic again. Not a huge deal, but with the lack of folders could clutter up the account fast. I'll check to see what happens when we go back this weekend or next weekend since the cardboard card got added to my season account.

3. The FunPix Kiosk worked great for me. I used my season pass at the one at gatekeeper on sunday and it added the pics without issue. On the kiosk it shows the pics without any boarder, but when you check it out on the app, it has the boarder, but.....

4. If the pic needs to be re-centered for the border you must go to a worker and have them edit the pic, then add it to your account. This will make it so you have a good bordered pic on the app that you can share right away. When I checked the account later on the website, It allows you to see the original unbordered pic when you click to "buy" something. I think there must be some additional pic manipulation coming, but that leads me to...

5. Picture manipulation on the website is sadly very low. There are places around the park that allow you to can a barcode from within funpix on the app and it adds additional borders to the account. I have found NO WAY to either use these on the website, or within the app. Actually if you want to order anything from the website, the only option you have is "no border", so I find that useless right now as well. If I want to order a mug with my pic from my first ride on Valravn, I want the Valravn border.

6. For the ride pix. jot down your number and keep all of them all day long. If the pic doesn't show up on the app by the time you are getting ready to leave, go to the main booth and have them check your account, and if any of your pics aren't there, they can check for them. Your number will help narrow it down very quickly, otherwise you could waste a lot of time with them trying to find your pic, and they will try for you, as I witnessed them doing this for a man on Gatekeeper who had decided to buy funpix this time around, but wanted to add his picture from earlier in the day, and he could only remember an "about" time that he was on. They spent 15 minutes looking for his photo and found it. I will say that I was initially getting a little perturbed it was taking so long, as I wanted to ride other things, but this then forced me to use the Kiosk for the first time, so that was a plus. I found that pics added directly to my pass (properly) took about 1-5 minutes to show up on the app.

I think that is all I have for now. I'll add if I think of anything, or if I find out more.

I'm unable to add a second season pass to my funpix account. Has anybody else been able to add a second pass to an all season funpix account?

My wife and I take turns riding with the kids and it would be nice to share one account for the both of us.

I'd consider buying a second all season plan for her pass but was hoping I could link two passes to the account.

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We just have all our passes on both of our phones. Funpix is on my wifes pass, if we are separated, i just scan her pass on my phone at the funpix kiosk for the on ride picture of whoever i have with me at the time. No issues so far.

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Thank you so much for the thorough response, it is very helpful.

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bgiese said:

I'm unable to add a second season pass to my funpix account. Has anybody else been able to add a second pass to an all season funpix account?

I was able to do this by scanning the other pass barcode in the Cedar Point app.

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I noticed that you can get your photos printed on bed sheets, shower curtains, laptop cases and a bunch of other dumb things. Talk about overkill.

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Believe it or not, people will buy those dumb things.

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We will be heading to the park the 21st-23rd. We are not season passholders, as we are about 7 hours away. I am considering doing Funpix for one of our days there, and Im trying to understand how it works. Ive read through this whole thread and im still somewhat confused. After you purchase your funpix pass, can you then save them to your computer or have them printed, on shutterfly, for example? Or does it have to be printed in park or from their website?

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You set up an account when you purchase the pass. You go on the website on the pass to see your photos. You can download them from there. And you can order prints.

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If you want to save time, you can create your account now at and then when you buy FunPix on site, it'll be ready.

thanks, I made an account and it makes more sense now. I see they have a photo release form too.

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sdavies said:

FYI, you can open the web based version of funpix and click your photo to see a much wider shot. You won't see the coaster name or framing but you will be completely in frame and see several others around you. They have disabled right click and any sort of copy from this, but you can always increase your screen size (CTRL+Mouse wheel), then do a rectangular copy with the snipping tool to have this alternate shot.

In Chrome, if you click on the photo to go to the "Product Selection" page, then right-click and click "Inspect", you can go to the "Resources" tab, then "Frames > ImageEditor.aspx > Images" and the third image down on that list (starts with numbers) will be the on-ride photo itself. You can right click on that and open in a new window/tab and save as you wish.

We loved the Selfie Station! On Frontier Trail by the tavern the bucket o' fun is set up with a display background and you scan your FunPix card (or push a button to get a temporary one) and it starts a timer flashing and takes your pic. It was fast and easy. No one was there so our family took a few different poses and they appeared in my account and we shared straight to Facebook. Hope they set up more of these!

Funpix is a great idea and they got $40 out of my family that they likely would not have gotten otherwise. We'll typically buy either zero or one on ride pic every year (if it's a kid's first time on a big ride or something like that).

I sort of wish they had more than one kiosk at each ride to scan your pass and attach your picture. Some people aren't the quickest. :)

One sort of cool byproduct of some preview weekend technical difficulties is I have a pic of my family riding the front row of Valravn with a Wilderness Run border. :)


I'm only going one time this season.

Is FunPix worth it for just one visit?

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