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^ I see what you did there.

Right now there is a crane next to the Dragster and all trains are off the track. There are a bunch of official looking people standing around.

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Probably playing Pokemon GO.

-Adam G- The OG Dragster nut

They could head over to the remnant of Challenge Park and play Pokemon VertiGONE.

Too esoteric?

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We are coaster enthusiasts, not Wizards of MENSA.

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Chuck Wagon said:

I'm guessing that part of the park's emergency situation plan is that a ton of security is dispatched to "clear the area". That means get everyone away from the area so they can't take pictures and/or videos.

And that's a surprise how? Of course any company is going to want to minimize exposure.

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^Not Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition....

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Where exactly did he say it was a surprise? Do you have a problem with everything?

From Fox 8's web site

SANDUSKY, Ohio — The Top Thrill Dragster ride at Cedar Point is closed Monday after a launch cable became detached during operations Sunday night.

Cedar Point spokesperson Tony Clark says it happened around 10:30 p.m.

After the incident, two guests were taken to first aid for evaluation. They were released and then returned to the park.

“The ride will undergo a complete and thorough inspection today, and is expected to reopen tomorrow. As always, the safety of our guests and associates is our number one priority.”

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I was just expressing my surprise that anyone would be surprised by a company working to minimize its exposure.

I'm a Marxist, of the Groucho sort.

They're replacing the cable right now, no one official but word is its down for a few days.

Here's where I have problem. This is not the first or even 2nd time this has happened. The park knows this is an issue, fixes it, and then waits for it to happen again.

If I trip over a crack in a sidewalk in my town, and I notify the city that it needs to be PERMANENTLY fixed. And the city only puts a band aid on it, then i trip over that crack again, and I get hurt, the city is looking at a MAJOR lawsuit. That's all that is required for a lawsuit. For the city to know there is a problem and not take proper steps to prevent it from happening again.

See where I am going with this? Cedar Point can have all the disclaimers they want and top-tier lawyers, but negligence is negligence.

Just my humble opinion. Thoughts?

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The statement from the news said it will be open tomorrow.

All mechanical parts can fail.

That's what inspections are for and redundancy systems.

Most levels of government, especially municipalities, have indemnified themselves from most civil lawsuits.

Your opinion of the legal system is flawed, and is that kind of understanding that leads to the abuses of the system that we currently have, seeking a payout no matter what.

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Capture, release, and return. Another example of Cedar Point's exemplary conservation effort.

Clearly, this fish is too big to keep.

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I thought I was making a valid point. It wasn't a one time occurrence. And the sidewalk allusion was just an example. No, I don't sue McDonald's when I pour hot coffee down my chest!

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I love that somebody uses the word, 'allusion'. :)

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Like I said I was right at the end of the hill when it broke. If the debris or cable took a bit of a different trajectory this discussion would be completely different.

Just got back from cp today. Was in the park last night. Was over by the millennium force around that time. They kept all that drama very well contained. I was staying at the breakers and when I was leaving this a.m. Saw a guy on the track about a third of the way up working on it. Was at the park for four days the ttd was down more than it was up.

500ft. For 2020. 146 and counting.

That is pretty crazy.

500ft. For 2020. 146 and counting.

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