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My sister is at Cedar Point right now and something went wrong on Dragster. People searching for something that snapped and flew threw the air.

Anyone else up there to tell us what's up?

Nothing trending on Twitter yet.

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Your sister is there, put her on the case.
What is this, National Weird Titled Thread For Nothing Day?

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From the little bit (obviously unconfirmed) stuff I found on social media, it sounds like there was a roll back, a loud bang, and something went flying in the air. Again this is social media, so who knows how accurate it is.

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RCMAC said:
Your sister is there, put her on the case.
What is this, National Weird Titled Thread For Nothing Day?

Just telling everyone what I heard, stop being a jerk.

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There's always that one guy on every train that just won't put his Arms Down

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Seeing as this hasn't taken over twitter yet, I'd be pretty confident saying the issue is MUCH smaller than the initial panic made it seem.

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Well, metal on metal makes a pretty good amount of noise, and something coming off the ride is pretty serious, so it's a big deal, but it doesn't sound like anyone was injured.

I would agree that something coming off the ride would be a big deal, but this doesn't seem to be gaining steam on social media. So, I'm wondering if the initial reports were just hearsay....

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Thanks, djcarl! I've been searching high and low, and have found very little myself on this....

I'm too sexy for my harness!

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I have heard that it was a cable snap. That might have caused further damage.

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This entry from wikipedia regarding an accident 12 years ago sounds like some of the eyewitness reports we have heard from tonights incident. I wonder if this happened again.

On July 14, 2004, four people were struck by flying debris while riding the coaster. Reports indicated that a metal cable frayed during launch, shearing off shards of metal that struck the riders. The injuries were mainly arm abrasions, with one passenger experiencing cuts to the face. They were treated at the park's first aid station, and two later sought further medical attention.[13]

I'm too sexy for my harness!

The Xcelerator incident was much more serious.

It must be me. I remember the incident back in 2004 and we were there tonight also but left at 10pm! I didn't go on it today. TTD did seem to be having some problems around 8pm tonight when I was by Power Tower. They rolled one of the cars back into the station, after being set up to launch, and there was a delay of some sort but I didn't hang around long enough to see if the ride ever came back up. Good old Intamin ;)

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Well this week isn't starting off any better than last week is it?

I was just thinking that. It's one thing after another. If the cable snapped that seems like a pretty significant repair. Has it happened at all since 04?

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