December 11th Announcement

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Probably would have been a good idea to have someone monitoring the comments throughout the announcement, and choose a few of the better ones to respond to at the end.


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Yeah I'm sure they will tweak some things next time around, however I thought they did a good job production quality wise (compared to what I've seen some other parks do). They've come a long way since their "live" productions consisted of Tony firing up Periscope for a bit.

Love love love the new fooderies and freshened facades. Real boats for snake river, parade floats look insane.. going to be a very Ohio summer.

jimmyburke said:
Rugrats2001, did they really tear down Corral & Pizza Patio? If so, that explains why Main Midway webcam has not been on the site as it was on that building pointed usually at the fountain. My son & I would stand by the fountain & call my mother & she would see us.

As everyone knows by now, they are rebuilding it from “the ground up”.

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