December 11th Announcement

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My father is not enthusiast and he knows the difference between a wooden coaster and a steel coaster.

Yes, sure...Totally unprompted or explained to him, the first time he saw a RMC Topper Track & RMC I-box he knew one was a wood coaster & the other steel. Also, that conversion of a wood coaster to I-Box makes it a steel coaster.afterwards...Not buying it for a second he knew all this inherently.

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Really? What, like people don’t have eyes in their heads?
I know plenty of park visitors who were hip to the fact that Steel Vengeance is a rebuilt ride that runs on a steel track now, thus altering the experience. (And for the better, all have said). The word Steel actually appears in the name. I can’t believe that another true wooden coaster appearing at CP would cause anyone to say “Oh, we’ve already been on that. What a waste of the park’s money.” Instead they’ll say “Hey, let’s ride this one, ok?”
And if there should be any confusion whatsoever, who really cares? For sure, we shouldn’t be taking it out on vwhoward’s dad, who I’m sure is a bright guy.

This is a good example of one of those ridiculous All-Knowing Enthusiass vs Automatically Stupid GP arguments that isn’t even worth taking up.

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^^He knew instantly after the ride. No explanation needed.

I love that in 2019, 18 years after I started paying attention to the industry and joining forums there is still such a high percentage of "enthusiasts" who think that the "GP" are just a bunch of mindless, brainless, zombies who don't understand rollie coasters as much as they do.

That said.. I am looking forward to Dec 11 to see what they have in store. Assuming full details of the boat ride they announced earlier and what exactly it is. (fingers crossed for a log flume that interacts with Forbidden Frontier).

Hoping to see new food offerings. CP really does need a town hall or festhaus type venture, big, air conditioned, multiple options and a large indoor show venue.

Also hoping to see maybe a surprise flat ride. Maybe 1 or 2 "classic" rides to return to the park. This is unlikely but would be a nice surprise.

For those looking to 2021 for the next big coaster, I actually hope they take the year off again from anything huge. I personally wouldn't be surprised if the next major coaster, excluding any additions to Planet or Camp Snoopy won't happen till 2022 or 2023.

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I'd just love to see them pull the MF Green Train out of the lake finally, and get that baby back in working order.

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^And, while they are at it, jack up & re-enforce that section of Magnum that has sunk.

I just hope they put the wheels on right.

I’m just thankful the announcement probably won’t involve a special deal for Six Flags season passes...

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Maybe they will explain what they are doing on the site of The Corral and Pizza Patio that they just tore down...

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A second Check-Fil-A location would be the most profitable replacement for the coral/patio.

New for 2024- Wicked Twister Plus

I am completely disinterested in wasting space on a food venue not open on Sunday. Especially during Halloweekends.

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Many people are saying CP is just creating space for all the new passholders and much wasted space is being reclaimed over the off season and a generous number of concrete slabs poured. The much neglected asphalt on Frontier Trail will get the treatment and be rechristened Frontier Expressway opening day to kick off the festivities.

I KNOW! A tunnel from Put in Bay or the Mainland to CP! thats the big surprise! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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I do believe Intamin can build tunnels

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Rugrats2001, did they really tear down Corral & Pizza Patio? If so, that explains why Main Midway webcam has not been on the site as it was on that building pointed usually at the fountain. My son & I would stand by the fountain & call my mother & she would see us.

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The announcement is at 11 AM tomorrow (as far as I know), and will be streamed live in this link:

WKYC story

I'm assuming it will be streamed via Cedar Point as well, but I curiously see nothing about it on the official page or their Facebook page.

EDIT: It was also announced that it will also be broadcast (to no surprise) on Cedar Point's Youtube page.

Link here:

CP 12/11 Announcement

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Kevin, thanks for the link.

Welp just under 12 hours til we see what else is in store for the 2020 anniversary season. The park really sounds like the new additions and experiences will be family-oriented, and throwbacks to retro cedar point: both things I love. Have no idea what they could be, and I’ll still be happy with anything they give us.


I heard something about a total re-do of Kiddie kingdom last night...

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It does feel like this site is waning and all efforts should be converted to a Discord, what with all these great announcements today being completely ignored.

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