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Talk about an "entitled enthusiast!" Coast, you should be happy with a hot dog and chips.

^So it's wrong to hope for something now? Not even saying the park *should*, but just saying they hope the food is good? (Which it usually is, IMO.)

Yes, I’m entitled because I look forward to a good spread of food that always accompanies these events.

While I think Coast goes overboard sometimes, I think he's not wrong here. He never demanded anything. He said he hoped there would be good food. Which is a reasonable hope considering the food has always been good.

coast said:

See y’all there! I’m hoping the park really makes the cost worth it with some delish foodstuffs and lightly attended ERT. Fingers crossed!

Only an entitled enthusiast would use that phrase.

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I've only attended a handful of Coastermanias but the food has always been good, so I think you will get your wish Coast.

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My son loves watching CP YouTube videos. He was watching one of a recent Coastermania where CoasterBob shows the line for lunch. The line looked agonizingly long, he asked some kids if the wait is worth it for some mac & cheese & a hot dog & they all said no way. They probably wanted to be riding rides.

The food is probably delicious so if the meal is important to you, which it would be to me, I would either get in line early or wait until the crowd diminishes and hope the enthusiasts weren't too enthusiastic in devouring the food.

I've been going to Coastsermania since 1996 and the food has always been good. The best food I've had at C.P. ( not including Famous Dave's or the fresh-cut cut fries) were the hors d'oeuvres at the opening night reception at the ACE Coaster Con a number of years ago- I forget the year.

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They could do away with the lunch and Coastermania would still be worth the cost. The cruise around the park alone justifies the cost. I have the all-season dining this year, so if they didn't want to offer a lunch, I could go just about anywhere in the park and use my meal plan.

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Yeah, honestly, as good as the food is, the thing that makes the lunch special is the presentation. There's usually something interesting there.

The last 2 years there hasn’t been a presentation at lunch. A couple quick announcements about the rest of the day, maybe. But the presentation/Q&A was later in the day.


^Oh yeah, forgot about that.

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I have a question about ERT events like this one. We just missed it when we went to CP last year due to a scheduling quirk.

But *this* year, we're interested in going to the event either at CP or King's Island. I just have a concern. My wife likes roller coasters, but doesn't have gigantic coaster staminal, like re-riding a ride more than three times in a row. Do the passengers get the option of getting off after every ride? Or do the trains just get sent again?

I just want to avoid a situation in which coaster nerds are mad at my wife for wanting to take a cycle or two off before getting back on, if that mucks up the process.

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Re-rides aren't that common. Though, regardless, you always have the option to get off. Wanting to get off will have absolutely zero affect on how quickly the train leaves the station. Also, the ride ops have to recheck the restraints before the train can even leave.

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Yup, re-rides aren't even always allowed, although CoasterMania tends to be more lenient than daily operations for that in my experience.

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As someone who has experience in ride operations, it is very frustrating when guests try to “sneak” back on without going around when the station is not completely full. We track ridership, and the most accurate way to track ridership is going back through the turnstile. Just follow the rules and use the legs you were blessed with to walk back around. If you have a handicap, the ride hosts will gladly accommodate you to get you back on quick. It’s not hard.

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^^ Most other parks seem to handle rerides well.

That said, I'm very happy that CP does allow rerides near the end of the day now, so I've heard. It's a lot better than some other parks (SFNE, Kings Island at Coasterstock last year) that seemed to have a strict "no" policy.)

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