CoasterMania 2007

In the "it's never too early" department, the ACE site has June 15th and June 16th 2007 as the dates for CoasterMania and CoasterEXT. That dove tails very nicely into Coaster Con XXX.

Only 10 more months to go!

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Probably will be skipping this for the second year in a row if Timbersfest is held that weekend.

I believe that's why they bumped up the dates, in hopes to get more people since they will be in the state, albeit the southern half of Ohio and Indiana. It will be a nice couple of weeks for riding coasters.

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Makes me happy, I don't have to worry about skipping school for the next CoasterMania. School should be long done and out. :)

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They are trying to change the Timberfest date to later in the year.

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Is it CoasterMania yet? Last time I was at CM was the year TTD "opened", and TTD was down the whole time. :(

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Holy dead thread Batman....


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Ride on, MrScott!

So how busy do you all think Coaster Mania will be this year? How busy has it been in past years? I know it will prolly be busier during the day, but are there actually little to no waits during ERT times cause I know there's a ton of ERT, one is from like 6a-830a and another is's cool. Just wandering who has been in the past and how crowded it is during ERT hours and also what time should we be down by the gate to buy our tickets?

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I actually have taken this entire week off from work. Not only will I be at coastermania, but I should be at Cedar Point from June 11 - 21st unless I get bored and go home early ;)

Hey Ben, we too have taken that week off and will drive in Thursday morning and stay til Saturday.

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I will be there on the 15th. Looking forward to it. :)

Anyone from the PB gathering going to be there? We will be there wearing our ACE shirts and the cool Pointbuzz pins that TTD120mph made.

I'll be there sporting the Pointbuzz button!

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I have yet to figure out exactally if I am going for Coaster Mania, but I was wondering if any of the Pointbuzzers were planning to meet?

Ok, time for a Coastermania roll call. Also, where/what time should we all meet?

My wife and I will be there from Morton, IL.

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I'll be there for CM. Im up for a meeting and I'll throw some ideas later today after school.

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I'll be there. Can't wait!

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Im telling you Adam... You are the get-together master! ;)

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My eyes will still be half closed when we get there so everyone has to look for me. :)

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Ride on, MrScott!

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