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I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but I was at the park today and Chaos was dismantled. The cars were gone from the ride and nowhere to be found, but the ride structure was still there. I am wondering if because of the other two incidents at two other parks that have Chaos caused ours to be take apart.

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Could also be just because of the incidents they've had with just the one at Cedar Point.

I love Chaos, I hope they are not getting rid of it permanately.

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What incidents bholcomb?

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It never really ran too well this year. The cars would not even unlock, they had to go around and open each one by hand. When I asked about it they ride op just rolled her eyes.

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They've had multiple problems daily. Chaos is always Signal 37 Mechanical.

I've seen it jogged down multiple times.

Heard a report (Not sure the validity of it - Didn't really know the source) that a car fell forward, spilling it's contents. Something about scooters and stretchers.

Also, many other Chaos rides have been removed lately, haven't they?

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They added the manual lock/release bars for this year. In the past, it was always an automatic release. The ride cycled much faster then.

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Does anyone have a picture?

randinator, you are probably right. Checking and, there was a few Chaos accidents in the past week. I hope this one opens back up, it was my cousins favorite ride.

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Here are two taken just before closing tonight - 1 2.

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It looks so pitiful! Great pictures though. I doubt they would dismantle the ride so early in the season if they had no intention of re-opening it. Hopefully they will try to repair it.

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This must have just happened Thursday, because I noticed it that day, but nothing had been posted here previously. Does anyone know when it was dismantled for sure? I appreciated the fact that CP had a sign at the entrance of the ride saying "This ride is currently closed." I wonder if anyone actually walked past and said "hey, lets ride that ride!"

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Given what has happened over the last week and what happened at Michigan's Adventure a couple of years ago, this is probably a wise move. Iwouldn't be surprised if the ride is replaced with something else.


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Um, bring back Swabinchen (spelling?? sorry).....

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Two accidents at other parks in a week...

For reasons I can't pretend to explain, Chaos is one of the most problematic rides in recent history. I thought after the Michigan's Adventure accident (I think some bolts on the hub sheered off and the entire disk came off the hub), that these things would be entirely removed everywhere.

Still, it would be logical that they're doing something in response to the accidents, so if your local park has a Chaos and isn't doing anything with it, what does that say about them?

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The Chaos at CP is on blocks (as of last night). The disk is completely removed from the hub. If there is a restraint issue, I wonder why seat belts haven't just been added, like corckscrew. As opposed to completely removing the cars and dismantling the ride.

On a side note, it was kinda of cool looking at the control panel up close. What exactly does the foot pedal do (if anyone knows)? *** Edited 6/25/2005 6:14:13 PM UTC by Kyle Dersch*** *** Edited 6/25/2005 7:18:34 PM UTC by Kyle Dersch***

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Im wondering why (if it is being completely removed) that CP is dismantling it so early in the season. For some reason I think there may be some modifications being made to the ride, in attempts to fix the issues going on with the ride. If it was just a matter of removing the ride, I would think for asthetic purposes, they would just leave it till the end of the season. A stationary ride looks far better than a dismantled one sitting on blocks...

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I know what you are saying. . .but:

-A broken ride is NOT more asthetically pleasing than a slightly-landscaped area.

-If the ride were to be closed permanently, I am certain that it would be quickly removed -- not left 'sitting on blocks' for the remainder of the season.

I agree that there may be 'modifications' happening, but CP has been maintaining the ride since earlier incidents -- the manual releases, for example, didn't show up till last year. "Better safe than sorry" is how CP keeps a clean safety record, and I bet we will see Chaos up and running safer than ever very soon.

Plus it's a fun ride and I don't want it to go bye-bye.


The foot pedal is what runs the entire ride. You have to keep it depressed throughout the cycle or else it stops.

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Josh M. said:
Does anyone know when it was dismantled for sure?

I was at the park Wednesday and Thursday and it was all together on Wednesday. I didn't walk by on Thurs.

There was/is a sign in the window of the park ops office (Colosseum) that says that Chaos is closed. I think that's the only signage as it's not a major ride.

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