Cedar Point's 2011 ride will target thrill seekers

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I don't see why it would be. Even if they were planning on using that for additional room, it wouldn't take long to clear that out. It's probably just a slab on grade with footers at column locations.

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Maybe you guys need to take a look at this: http://www.intaminworldwide.com/iag/docu/ZacSpin_Web.pdf If Cedar Point got the biggest model ZacSpin Intamin makes [Max. Height: 50m-Track Length: 120m (164ft-17,093ft)] It would be a fair ride time, 33 feet taller than Demon Drop, up to 6 cars, 60kph (About 37mph), and has a capacity of 720 people per hour.

Two other choices to consider: http://www.intaminworldwide.com/iag/docu/Ball%20Coaster.pdf or: http://www.intaminworldwide.com/iag/docu/SurfRider.pdf I would personal take SurfRider as more of a "ride" than coaster. The biggest of both types would offer a unique ride experience and have a good ride time and capacity.

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I think the ZacSpin looks kind of lame. I'm all for a coaster, but I'd rather have one of a handful of flats than some of these ZacSpins I see.

something similar to Discovery Cove's "Manta" would be awesome..that incorporates intense theming/aquatics, etc into the queue lines (along the Boardwalk?), or something along the exact lines with an intense dark ride? :)

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Jason Hammond said:99er was kidding.

Well sort of. After I thought about it, the larger model that gets 800pph could be added. That is if Cedar Point would not order a custom model that is a bit larger and longer for at least 1000pph. The space is about right for a ride like that without having to tear down structures around it. Plus it would look pretty impressive at the front of the park, good first impression. Even with all that, what they get is not going to be anything huge (coaster) and will most likely take up just the space that is already there (like I have been saying). At least we know it will be a ride next year! :)

Now would something like a ZacSpin be considered a coaster or a Thrill ride?

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I would consider it a coaster. But don't coasters "thrill" people? So technically it is a thrill ride.

I agree with 99er :)
It is perfect for the space, and I bet CP could do something with it to break even more world records besides the most coasters at a theme park.

If Cedar Point is planning on putting in another record breaker coaster (height and speed), which i highly doubt is going in, they should just put in a 1000 footer with a top speed of 220 mph (which is terminal velocity) and Ceder Point will forever have the height and speed record. I highly doubt a 1000 footer will be going in at any park any time soon though i do believe that one day in the future some park will build one 1000 feet tall.

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Chuck Wagon said:
Haha, Jeff moves across the country and still gets quoted for a Register article. The article states that he suggested a Huss Top Spin as a possibility. I wonder how accurately his statements were written.

That's pretty much what I said. Looking around for the existing things that the park doesn't have is a good starting point.

I honestly don't know what it is. I'm out of the loop with most of the industry right now. It happens when you move 2,000 miles, start a new job, have a baby, etc. :)

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Just a random thought/musing....but a unique combination of Sea World's "Manta" with Universal's "Revenge of the Mummy" would be pretty sweet!

I love that "Manta" has the aquariums surrounding the queue lines and incorporated into the actual ride itself at the finale. It might be a fun idea to be able to incorporate Lake Erie/legends of the Lake, etc...., as well as having 'dark ride' thrill aspects (esp. interactive) of "Revenge of the Mummy".

Towards the front of the park by the picnic area/employee parking/Disaster Transport?

I would think that the chances of Cedar Point getting a Top Spin are slim to none. FUN already has four of them (including a floorless and a giant) and the daily ridership of all four is probably equivalent to an hour or so on maXair. Top Spin is a classic "oncer".

Now a Disk'O variant wouldn't surprise me at all, but that it traditionally marketed as more of a family type ride...

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Tilt-a-Whirl said:
It sounds to me like it may not be a roller coaster, did I hear the quote correctly... "there are more to thrill rides than roller coasters?"

No he said there are more thrill rides than roller coasters. Meaning it could possibly be a coaster!

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I don't know about that. The context is everything. Does he mean there are more thrill rides (to choose from) than roller coasters? there are more thrill rides (in the park now) than roller coasters? or the aforementioned typo leaving out the 'to'.

I am assuming it was a typo. The sentence does not make any sense: "There are more thrill rides than roller coasters." What does that even mean?

The sentence only makes sense if the 'to' is included.

Then again, the CEO of this company did not go to college....

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^ I actually agree. And, in that case, it is an overwhelming 'it's going to be a thrill ride' statement. So much so that it's possible he's bluffing, but I'll take it for what it is, a statement that insinuates a thrill ride.

What does everyone think of this beast coming to CP in 2011?


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Very strange ride, it's like MaXair and a giant bell create a bastard child.

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