Cedar Point to begin 2020 season with phased opening

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Cedar Point will open initially for Season Passholders only, and shortly thereafter for Cedar Point Resorts guests and guests who have pre-purchased tickets.

Cedar Point’s tentative opening dates:

  • July 9 – 10: park open to 2020 Cedar Point Season, Gold and Platinum Passholders only\
  • Beginning July 11: park open to Cedar Point Resorts guests and 2020 Cedar Point Season, Gold and Platinum Passholders
  • Already announced: Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers and Lighthouse Point RV sites will be open June 12 – 27, prior to Cedar Point’s opening


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No one I contact can tell me what they are going to do with Fast Lane Plus bundles. We booked a stay at Breakers the week of August 3rd and we are paying monthly on it - and for a family of 6, we booked a one day FLP bundle because it is so expensive. You can no longer even purchase fast lane on the website. I wonder if they will even be honoring FLP? If not, I would like a refund obviously to maybe book another night or something. Has anyone heard anything about this?

Right after I made this post, I got a reply via email from them. Going to cut and paste in case anyone else was curious:

Although Fast Lane will not be available for new purchases, all pre-purchased Fast Lane products will be honored. Further details will be posted at a later date. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Best Regards,

Cedar Point Guest Services

That seems like a bad idea. I can see lots of people asking why they cannot purchase a Fast Lane.

I thought the same thing actually. Seems like a recipe for disaster.

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Not if the crowds are being controlled such that the lines really aren't long. At some point the value of fast lane depreciates to a point where people who did buy it regret spending the money.

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I can vouch for that.

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But in that case, wouldn't the customer prefer to have their FL refunded?


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Shades said:

That seems like a bad idea. I can see lots of people asking why they cannot purchase a Fast Lane.

“Sold Out. You snooze, you lose”. Is all they have to say. 🤣

Good point, Dvo. Remember, however, that short lines may not necessarily mean short waits in this new reality. Will they be sending 36 people out on Millennium with each dispatched train? Will there be waits while trains are wiped down? While we can all agree that all of these new rules and restrictions suck, keep in mind that Cedar Point doesn't like this any more than the rest of us.

We are debating this in our family right now. It may be worth it with all the extra cleaning between trains and spacing on the rides. Even with diminished capacity, the extra procedures may make it worth it. Hard decision. Also trying to figure out how to keep a mask on while riding Maverick lol. My kids said they will probably choke on it!

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Is Shores opening as well? I'm guessing not- cloth or paper masks and waterslides don't sound like a winning combination.

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N.W. said:

Also trying to figure out how to keep a mask on while riding Maverick lol. My kids said they will probably choke on it!

I'm not sure why people think masks are going to come flying off on coasters. It's a non issue at all the parks that have already opened. It's no different than glasses with a strap, if anything, it's even more secure than that.

Doing the happy dance about the FL since my family has all-season. Should be a fun summer, even with masks!

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^^ Facing straight forward I am sure it is just fine. However have you ever looked over at your ride partner after an element or they let out some loud reaction? I am no aeronautical engineer but have spend a decent amount of time sailing and wind can be an incredibly powerful force on cloth and I have never approached coaster speeds on the water.

Phew I don't owe XS a drink.

Anyway what a fantastic piece of news! I think I'll let those who live a little closer and have a bigger budget report on how things are going before I make the leap. (I never go in July or August to begin with). But if things are fairly smooth I may just have to give in and break that rule of mine!


If it's 95 degrees outside and you can wear a mask the way their supposed to be worn, all day, than more power to you. I already got health shamed about commenting about how I cannot. So save your time. I'm not replying to this post to get a response that is about why I'm to blame for not being able to do it by someone that works in the air conditioning on a computer. I must be out of shape. LOL.

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We have Breakers reservations for July 12-16 now also, If you can make it to the park during this or one of our future stays, I'd be glad to buy you some drinks and meet you in person. It's been great meeting people from PBuzz like Pete in person in the past, and I'm sure it would be good to meet you as well.



Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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I've seen plenty of bikers going down the highway at 75mph wearing masks that weren't coming off. And they look over at each and other drivers all the time. Also, I work in a 100+ degree manufacturing facility on 12 hour shifts and we all have to wear them. I'm not here to shame anyone, but if it's not possible for someone to follow the rules, perhaps they should just sit this season out, or until masks aren't required.

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The way the CDC is constantly updating their policies, I will not be at all surprised if, by July 9, they decide you don't have to wear masks outdoors anymore because the risk will be very low (or, probably about the same as you catching a cold or any other virus just by breathing it in). Heck, by early July they might not even think social distancing is necessary any more.

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