Cedar Point Shores barely open

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I am well aware of Orlando's weather, considering I lived there for over a decade. No need to be so rude to people giving their opinion. I was stating from personal experience that this storm in Sandusky was worse than most of the hurricanes that happened while I lived in Central Florida.

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Lightning has blown up one of my air conditioners twice (lightning does strike twice)...

This past weekend, lighting struck the ground in front of my house and hit my main waterline into the property. It caused a hole that was spilling out 7 gallons a minute according to the county when they noticed the spike. Thankfully they came and shut my water off since I was at work. Haven't seen my water bill yet but I am bracing for the worst. Hoping this doesn't happen twice for me.

I will say, these heavy rainfall totals are something that should be ignored I've lived in South Florida for 25 years. Yes, we always got the summer rainstorms/squalls with the lightning and the rain. But over the past 2-3 years the rainfall totals during these are events are extremely different than what we used to contend with.

Whether your political lense let's you believe it or not...climate change its real. So much so that we are now hiring consultants to prepare a resilience and sustainability report to do new modeling to see if our network of pumps and drainage, that was designed to handle the "100 year flooding event" is really adequate. We have had 2-3 "100 year-type" events in the past 3 years...so we may need to set new benchmarks. We are extremely worries about salt water intrusion from rising sea levels...and the SE coast of Florida is trying to figure out how to pay to raise roadways because they are frequently susceptible to flooding today...something we didn't see 20 years ago.

Record heat in the middle of the country, devastating fires in Hawaii, a tropical system impacting Southern California. You just can't ignore this stuff any longer...and at least here in Florida more and more Republicans are paying attention.

"You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world...but it requires people to make the dreams a reality."

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Haven't seen my water bill yet

Which side of the water meter was the lightning strike? If before the meter, you shouldn't be charged for any of that water. If after, you may have an issue. May be able to ague with them what happened and at least have them look at historical bills to determine your typical usage.

My water meter is inside my basement. So leak after the meter would be double bad in terms of increased bill and flooding in the house.

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After the meter unfortunately. In my neighborhood, the meters are at the edge of your property in the ground by the street.

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No need to be so rude to people giving their opinion.

No one was rude to you. Don't confuse your opinion being challenged with rudeness.

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