Cedar Point Shores barely open

Bumping this question again. Anyone been to Shores recently and able to give us an update on staffing and operations?

I was there last Friday & all slides were open except the ones by the lazy river

Tilt-A-Hurl, that doesn’t sound too bad. I might be going the end of August, so hoping everything will be open, fingers crossed🤞🏻, but if not that still isn’t too bad. I was at KI this past weekend, and everything in Soak City was open, so that was good to see.

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The lifeguard shortage in Ohio, which was a state-wide problem back in June, has slowly and steadily improved. Lots of locations in central and NE Ohio (not just amusement parks) that were severely lacking at the beginning of summer seem to be firing on all cylinders now.

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Just in time for schools to start next week and park hours to start reducing as summer season winds down.

Sounds like the Shores will not open today…. Due to flooding?

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There's a storm cell just sort of hovering over Ohio right now, so I can't imagine there would have been much demand for water slides.


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They got hit pretty hard out that way last night yes? Saw the put in bay concert was canceled due to storm damage.

That there Clark is an RV.....

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I'm a bit surprised the park even managed to open today. Areas close to the park got anywhere from 8 - 11 inches of rain last night. There has to be some significant flooding there.

I think I slept for about 25 minutes with the chronic, consistent lightning/thunder that persisted...

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Looks like the shores parking lot got a new lagoon on the webcam.

It’s part of the new expansion for CP Shores.

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Y'all should come down for a hurricane.

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Thanks for the invite, but no thanks!

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No thanks, we get enough of them here already.

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I'd take a hurricane over what he had here in Sandusky last night. Y'all don't have basements down there to flood. Here many, many houses have 4 - 5 feet of water in their basements, with more flooding on the way tonight.

Hurricanes aren't even that bad, especially in Orlando.


Y'all should come down for a hurricane.

Down here we call that weather event....Tuesday afternoon.

But seriously, I've seen some crazy photos and videos from Erie County. It must have been something.

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Lightning has blown up one of my air conditioners twice (lightning does strike twice), so to Don's point, that's just a summer day for us.


Hurricanes aren't even that bad, especially in Orlando.

I'm sure the folks in Ft. Myers will be glad to hear that, as well as the folks in Orlando who have had to deal with flooding. Or neighbors that had to wait months to get their roof repaired. Or literally anyone in the state seeing 50% increases in their homeowner policies.

But yeah, they're not even that bad.

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Yeah that's a pretty wild statement, especially given the events of the past few years.

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There are some pictures floating around FB showing the flooding throughout the park from yesterday, and it was pretty bad. Frontier Town was closed, Rougarou's queue was completely submerged, ID's lagoon was spilling out onto the midway, etc.


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