Cedar Point Shores barely open

I wonder how much schools and fall sports affect staffing. With schools starting in the middle of August and most fall sports starting practice in July. Why hire and train someone who will leave just as the season is beginning? Also many sports go year around, with AAU and travel teams.

Not sure sports is an entirely new concern. But, it for sure is for some kids. My daughter is helping to do the summer deep cleaning of one of the local schools this summer. She isn't making as much as she might somewhere else, but the hours are very predictable (M-F, done by 2:30). That lets her fit work and her fairly significant soccer schedule into her life. So, yeah, that could be some of it at Shores ...

What happened to the international students being lifeguards and working in the food stands at CP Shores? The 3 summers that I worked there, we had tons of international students in every department; which is wonderful. I completely understand that we are in a pandemic, and that pre-college age kids have travel sports during the summer, but the people who are able to work that just for some reason won’t work, they could come and get trained.

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^No longer in a pandemic.

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Yes we most certainly are. The government-declared health emergency related to the pandemic may have ended, but the pandemic has not.



Master D, no offense; and call it whatever you want, but I work part time in a hospital, and I still see my fair share of Covid patients. Again, no offense, and not being mean just wanted to point that out.

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12-Camp Snoopy; Tiques/Wave Swinger
11-CP & LE Railroad Platform; Cedar Creek Mine Ride; Tiques/Wave Swinger

No offense at all friend.

That is what endemic means though is that it is still with us and will be with us causing some problems for some people. But, right now, it is more or less under control and not overly stressing the health care system.

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What you describe has nothing to do with the definition by experts of what a pandemic is. There are still about 255 daily deaths in the US, and 22k hospitalizations. So while we seem to generally be "dealing with it," for reference, that's about where we were just before the omicron variant took off. The only thing that has changed (not counting the increase in infections/deaths/hospitalizations in between) is our general cultural tolerance that it's still happening. I'm not making any kind of moral assessment, just stating the facts.

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I’m not going to debate about these terms like I am an expert, because I most certainly am not, but reading the definitions of both pandemic and endemic it sure seems like we currently are closer to the endemic definition.

Well not sure about Shores right now, but there’s a light steady rain at the park right now and most of the rides are running.

Queue-Times shows everything except Millennium Force, Gatekeeper Rougarou, Raptor and Valravn as closed. And the webcams do not show anything more than a light to moderate rain. No lightning anywhere.

The Cedar Point rain policy looks to be in effect again.

It got heavy for a bit - which may have shut them down for a period. We shall see if any open up.

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We set up camp (literally) at East Harbor around 3:00. By 5:00 we were at Crabby Joe's eating perch, with zero intention of doing anything outside. I'm not sure if the cams were doing it justice (it was, like a lot of rains, off and on); 9:00 now and it's been continuous suck since around 3:00. The radar over CP from a couple hours ago was purple.

No lightning to speak of, just rain. I am not championing whatever CP's rain policy is, but if (and I have no idea how accurate "queue-times" is) that was the case, I would say someone had a laptop and internet access and saw what was coming. Kind've a nasty night on the lake.

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Maybe a million dollar rain.
I know the timing sucks but we really need it.

Cartwright, it’s always deceiving how KI can run their coasters in the rain, and CP usually won’t but they are owned by the same company. I mean I totally understand the need for safety, but I’ve always found that odd that 2 places owned by the same company can have 2 different weather policies.

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I am all for safety and being overly cautious when it comes to amusement rides. And I get that it's not "the old days" when parks took more chances than they do now. But when Cedar Point won't operate rides in the lightest of sprinkles that barely constitutes rain it is just poor guest service.


and I have no idea how accurate "queue-times" is

Queue-times pulls wait time data from the app for each individual park, so the wait times reported on QT are as accurate as the wait times reported on each app, which naturally is going to result in a significant amount of variance (who reports, when they report, what they report, etc.). However, it is great for keeping tabs on ride closure statuses during the day, as the closure status tends to be a lot more accurate than the numeric wait time. Also, users can manually report their own wait times on each ride (no account needed), and it will tell you how far back the report was (“Anonymous user waited 45 minutes, about 1 hour ago”).

I actually find it fun to eyeball the queue length on my own and then see if my estimate’s close to what I end up waiting, but I’m a stats nerd, LOL. (For example, assuming Wild Mouse is running at peak interval—28.5 seconds between dispatches, I think, last time I timed it—the full queue line is 1 hour long, with 5min spent on each row in the main corral, 15min spent in the back queue section running parallel to the coaster, and 5min in the final stretch with the stairs.)

I have always had pretty good luck with Queue Times. It beats having to download a separate app for every park I visit, and it's a great way to monitor long term downtimes for a particular ride

Anymore news on Cedar Point Shores? Hopefully they hired more lifeguards.

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12-Camp Snoopy; Tiques/Wave Swinger
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