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Well, my brain went into overdrive last night, apparenty what I ate for dinner made me have weird dreams again.

I dreamed that who ever truely owned Millenium Force had died, and that Cedar Point could no longer run the ride as it was designed. Cedar Point had to redesign a few sections of the ride so they could run it again.

The major thing that changed was the 1st over bank turn. They kept it low to the ground, and twisted the track so when you went around the curve you were on the outside of the track, about 3 feet off the ground.

They changed the cars to Single Cars so all seats were the front row, and made them larger so people up to 300 lbs could ride the ride.

Then up in the front of the park they had announced the new ride for 2011. It was called the Demon, or Demons Return. The structure was an identical version of Demon Drop, but the cars were those robotic arms/simulator cars. And it was a space shuttle simulator ride of sorts.

So just as I was about to try the new ride, my alarm went off and woke me up. - All I know is I better watch what I eat before going to bed, or I better get to Cedar Point this year real soon. :)

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I had a dream two nights ago were I was standing in line for the Giant Wheel, and the wheel was inside a building. And the cars the you sit in just had a floor and no sides, not even seat belts but the other cars did. Weird. :)

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I bet it had a great load cycle time...

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I had this dream a couple of nights ago that Iron Dragon and Cedar Creek Mine Ride were right next to each other, and they were both situated over a large lagoon. I was sitting there, watching both of them, and then simultaneously fell off of the tracks, into the lagoon. A bunch of sweeps jumped into the water to try to save all of the people in the sinking trains, then dove down deep into the water. They came back to the surface with nobody, saying that the trains were lost underwater, and they couldn't save anyone. Then I woke up...

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I had a dream once I was on the top of the Millennium Force and I looked off over the water and there was a tornado coming. Also I had a dream I was on the log ride, but it wasn't the cedar point log ride, but then it became some kind of inner tube ride.

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Yeah the line was short, the start of the line was outside then came inside. It was almost like spot lights inside over the loading area. I remember sitting down, the car was no sides just a metal pole in the middle, and I had to put the seat belt together, then I woke up.
It seems like don't get on a ride, your just in line, watching from a distance, or getting loaded in the car then you wake up. :)

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I have had 4 separate dreams about having rollback on the dragster. One of the dreams consisted of an employee ride night where the rollbacks were intentionally given to every car. I remembered getting off the ride and telling people "I have literally DREAMED about gettiong rollback!" then I woke up and was quite disappointed.
One time I dreamed about derailing a train on the magnum, and being in the front car with a steering wheel and driving it throughout the park. It was glorious.

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My dreams are starting again, another weird one.

Basically TTD early in the dream was rumored to have been torn down, it was very disappointing. But then a select few pass holders, received a letter in the mail to be the 1st to try out the redesigned TTD.

I got the letter and was waiting in line, and one rider got in, the first tester.

The track wasn't a complete circuit anymore, when it stops and the end of the ride, the track slides, and rotates to line up with the launch track again. Meaning during launch the end of the track has a drop off, if the brakes were to fail during a rollback, and guess what happened. Yep, the first tester launched, the brake fins didn't pop back up, and the train flew off the back of the track during the rollback. The guy was o.k., he just shook his head, and said he's alright, no injury. And was ready to go again.

A few other Cedar Point things happened, in the dream, then I woke up.

GATEKEEPER-I came, I rode, I was mildly disappointed; until a second ride (rear left) put GateKeeper back on the...it's a nice ride list.

Since the off-season started. I have had 12 different Cedar Point dreams.

PB-Reader, I want to first off thank you for bringing back this topic. Seriously! It brought back dreams I've had of Cedar Point. The most recent one I had was Millennium Force was was getting reconfigured to have a 90 degree drop so it would be similar to Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick. Another dream before that; I was driving to Cedar Point and kept getting sidetracked on the way there. The whole dream was just driving to Cedar Point and when I did make it there, I woke up. So yeah, I miss the Spring/Summer/Fall seasons just because Cedar Point is open then. We just have to put up with this snow for a little bit longer.

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I have had this dream a few times where a bunch of my friends and play paintball on Cp's land. It had scoring like Call of Duty and stuff like that. The best was sniping from the top TTD. :)

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I had this dream last night where I went to Cedar Point. Everything was boarded up and maintenance was working on the roller coaster cars from inside the sheds. I didn't go in the sheds, but I walked over towards the Wicked Twister area. I walked over towards WindSeeker and nothing was happening from what we are seeing now. The weird thing too was they were letting us ride Wicked Twister, even though the weather was snowing and it was maybe less than 20 degrees outside. Wicked Twister was the only roller coaster that still had the train on the tracks which was odd. The testing went well except the train didn't make it up as high as usual with the cold elements.

I too had a Windseeker dream a couple nights ago. But the dream sounds so contrived and obvious, I won't even go into the specifics.

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I had a dream once that I was on my way to Maverick and got lost in a forest.

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I had this wild dream that I was on Magnum with my friend, and we were at the top of the lift hill, and the ride stopped. My friend got so scared that she unbuckles our seat belt, somehow pulls up our lap bar, and gets out of the train, making her way down the lift hill stairs. Just my luck, the train starts moving again, with my seat belt undone and lap bar up, quickly latch the seat belt, pulled the lap bar down, and prayed my friend would be okay going to the stairs.

Well, as we were cresting the hill, my friend's shirt gets caught on the side of the train, and as the train goes down the hill, she is pulled down with it, and falls to the ground. When I got off the ride, I ran into Soak City to try and where she had landed. And oddly enough, she had survived the 205 foot fall, and wasn't even harmed! In fact, she was sitting on a bench eating cotton candy like nothing had happened!

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Whenever I have Cedar Point dreams it usually is more about planning a trip to go but never actually getting there because of a series of unfortunate events. I haven't had one in a very long time though.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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Better knock on wood. :)

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All right, fine. Since so many of you have begged me, "Oh please, Mike, tell us what your dream was!" I'll reluctantly do so. ;)

I somehow was parked outside the beach gate. (Apparently Cedar Point Drive wrapped around beyond Soak City.) I immediately felt guilty for being on this private road during the off-season, but was not deterred. I got out and looked over the Windseeker construction site; nobody was around. The place looked pretty much identical to the webcam shots. And then I noticed that three or four very large trees that must have once flanked Ocean Motion were still there. I was relieved immensely. I even said to myself, "They kept some of the charm! Yay!" I couldn't wait to get on Pointbuzz to tell everyone.

So you can see why I balked at relating the dream. It sounds completely contrived. But it's exactly as I remember having it.

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So are we sure these are actual dreams, or are they just cheap Mondial knock-offs of the concept of dreaming?

The path you tread is narrow, and the drop is sheer and very high.

Well, I debated, and I guess I will share, No One Died in the making of last nights dream, but it is disturbing. . .

It was an at home/cedar point dream, I was trying to get to somewhere in my home, but the winter snows were preventing me from getting to where ever I was trying to get.

CNN was on in the background, saying something about a ride flying into the lake at cedar point.

Apparently when they reassembled Ocean Motion, everything wasn't put back together properly. On the Up Swing the boat flew off into lake erie, with people in it. Rescue boats were pulling everyone out of the water, because there were no seatbelt on ocean motion, everyone was able to get out, and swim to the surface, where they were pulled to safety.

This was just a dream, :) ?

GATEKEEPER-I came, I rode, I was mildly disappointed; until a second ride (rear left) put GateKeeper back on the...it's a nice ride list.

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