Cedar Point Dreams

Well, it's been a while since I have read any post on
dreams about Cedar Point. And since CP been closed
for a while, I was wondering if anyone has had any
Cedar Point Dreams Lately..
My dreams have been in overdrive, but my most recent
and funny dream was that Top Thrill Dragster was a
Self Serve, Single Car Ride.  You would strap yourself
in, buckle your seat belt, check your own lap bar, and
then.... you would put a Quarter in a slot, like those 
Kid's ride at Store. The car would move up, and off
you would go...  Can you imagine having to put a 
Quarter in the ride everytime you rode it, just so
it would run. (Not giving any ideas for making money)
But at least I dreamed my first roll-back. :)

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Heh, I had my first one in a looooong time last night. A few friends and I were at CP and we went on Gemini, which was a lot taller and faster. Then I wanted to go on MF but all my friends wussed out. Then I woke up.

Kinda lame. =(

I have those dreams every night, mostly me riding Millennium or Maverick so nothing out of the ordinary. However, there was this one dream that I had awhile back where Dragster was 600ft tall, talk about a crazy ride.

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My dreams have been bombarded by rollercoasters 
and Cedar Point.  They are kind of vague though. I just
remember riding Gemini in one dream. Then 2 days later
dreaming of Maverick. 

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PB-Reader that dream is great i had a dream , when maverick was being built before they announced it it was a big (600 ft) black coaster very pointless it started out at 600ft haha you had to walk up stairs to get to it and it launched and hit brakes very pointless ride

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Like I said, my dreams are in overdrive, even last
night, I had a dumb dream about Cedar Point Again.
My Family was in our car, driving to Blue Streak,
riding it, then we got in the car and drove to
Panda Express, but I didn't go in, we just walk
around that area, then we got back in the car and
Drove to the Gemini, Rode that, and I woke up.. Weird..

GATEKEEPER-I came, I rode, I was mildly disappointed; until a second ride (rear left) put GateKeeper back on the...it's a nice ride list.

This is what happens when you eat spicy food right before bed.

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A few weeks ago I had a dream that it was September and I was processing in for screamsters. After processing in at HR I had my make up done and went directly to the parade.. I was one of the characters with the huge stilts and I was stepping on everyone.


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^Funny, :) I see a film in the making.

GATEKEEPER-I came, I rode, I was mildly disappointed; until a second ride (rear left) put GateKeeper back on the...it's a nice ride list.

A few weeks back, I dreamed that I went to visit Geauga Lake. But when I walked through the gate, I found myself in a vast, indoor flea market.

Sadly, it's not that unrealistic a dream.

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I had a cp dream not too long ago. I dreamed that the cars on TTD were kinda like a snowboard. Each car only held one person and you stood on top with only your feet strapped in. The dream was soo realistic. After riding it a few times i got stuck at the top, i was just standing up there waiting for someone to help. It was one of the coolest dreams I have had in a long time. Ive also had another dream right after that poor girl had her legs severed on the superman drop ride. It was extremely gory so i wont go into detail about that one haha.

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I had a dream that Maverick's trains were replaced with Mantis'. Talk about pain. :(

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Your mom is to fat to ride TTD. said:
I had a dream that Maverick's trains were replaced with Mantis'. Talk about pain. :(

Ouch that would be painful.

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OH MAN! I had one just last week.

Okay, I was on millenium force and it turned into Blue Streak and then it started to storm on the coast and tornado sirens were going off. So they stopped the ride but the tornado was already by wicked twister and it blew away disaster trasport in to Lake Erie (which was the Pacific Ocean in my dream) and some pirates found the remains of Disaster Transport and robbed all of us in the park. Then after I got robbed I just kept going on the Mantis over and over again. After that we all spent the night in the Halloweekends hearse. Then it was day 2 and i just rode the dragster the whole day and got rollbacks on every ride until I woke up.

Pretty random huh?

So stoked for 2010 :]


^That is a cool dream!! No, really! I like pirates, think storms are cool, and that rollback!

The only dream I had about CP was a long time ago and it was about me and my friend walking in the midway and she met kinzel and talked to him. But I ran somewhere else and went to Maverick. I was in the station and people were throwing stuff around at the riders in the trains. I was not allowed to get on for some reason, and stood in the back for a while. The employee sitting on the steps was just staring at me. Then I appeared with my friend again in the midway by maxair and she went up to the base of maxair's supports and hugged it. :)

I actually just had one last night. I had a dream my family and I were there for Halloweekends and we went in all the haunted houses and the Maverick line was really short.

I had a dream that a TTD train completly fell off the top of the tower. I was in the park as it happened, and i saw everyone running for cover. Then, and this was the weird part, they got a giant crane and started to take ttd down as everyone was still in the park! So, I then went on the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in the park, millennium force. Yeah... weird dream indeed!

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I actually had a very disturbing one last night. I just got off MF and was eating lunch and watching it and the car derailed. I assumed the people on their died because the car was going pretty fast. Then I woke up in shock. haha. Pretty crazy dream.

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Drunkinmonkey don't you just hate those i had a dream that i was on a roller coaster and someone jumped on the track it was a very bloody dream i woke up in shock too

Yeah, one time I had a dream that Iron Drgagon derailed and went into the pond.

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