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Yes I do hate dreams when I wake up in panic. And it wasn't like the car just derailed. It was very loud and people were screaming and I could hear the metal hit the cement. I actually remember more of it now- after that I was walking around the park and my friends were calling me and telling me that it derailed and I said "Ya, I know I was just on it and I saw it derail."- hopefully this dream doesn't come true.

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I have a re-occurring dream about every other month or so where I am on a roller coaster (no specifics) and the belt and harness comes undone and I fly right out of the train. I'm the only that falls out, but when I am suppose to hit the pavement, it is like a time lapse in my dream by 30 seconds and the next thing I know I am walking around like nothing happened and everyone that witnessed it is staring at me wondering how I lived. Could this be a bad omen? But yet I keep riding and no morbid dreams will stop me!

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I actually had my first cp dream in awhile. It was pretty stupid. I had a dream I broke in to cedar point, and had the Military chasing after me. It actually seemed to go on for awhile. Well it ended just like every dream would. They were holding their guns at me then I woke up....

The last dream I had of Cedar Point was kinda strange, I was on the Mantis (which I'd never been on) and I could actually feel the G-forces on the coaster, my dreams are very vivid, I feel everything when I dream something like that.. although I'm sure it probably wouldn't compare to the real thing.

My latest dream about Cedar Point, was that I was
at my work, and Cedar Point was the back drop. As 
I looked out my office window, all the rides were
right outside. Obviously because I was working, all
I could do is watch the rides. Then it started 
raining, in a mighty down-pour, and the park got
empty.  I could see all the workers at all the rides
but no-one was there to ride anymore, and I couldn't
figure out why they just didn't close the park. Then 
I woke up. :)

GATEKEEPER-I came, I rode, I was mildly disappointed; until a second ride (rear left) put GateKeeper back on the...it's a nice ride list.

I had a dream that I was working at Corkscrew (no idea why that randomly came up), and I was running late for work because I couldn't find my name tag... I was totally freaking out and pretty much kept finding everyone else's except my own.

Go figure... actually, I think that's what I get for putting Tabasco on my pizza :)

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You guys that had dreams about Dragster derailing, I did too!

Except I was on it. In four different instances. :)
When I have these dreams and I hit the ground everything is slow-motion and I'm still alive and stuff.

One of the times we fell off we were riding Dragster in Demon Drop cars.

Summer was made for a Cedar Point day~

Last night I had a funky dream about the Mean Streak, (I haven't rode it since the year it opened), but I was standing in line and for some reason there was this demagnitization you had to go through with your shoes before they let you on the ride. I went on it and screamed all the way down the first hill, got off the ride when it was over and looked for my photo to buy one (which I plan on doing this year). Strange thing was, it wasn't showing up on the monitor, so I figured I'd ride again and went through the process of my shoes again.. still after riding a 2nd time, nothing was on the monitor.

I decided to go on it a 3rd time, but these little kids were in line and the line was really backed up because nobody was demagnitizing thier shoes, so it was about an hour wait to do that, then the line for the ride itself was 2 hours.

I woke up feeling frustrated. It's kind of a boring dream I know, but it's really wierd because I know Cedar Point doesn't do things like that. (I have weird dreams sometimes).

Actually, that's not a boring dream. It was quite interesting, since it really displayed that twisted dream logic; it all made sense within its own system.

Although I would think demagnetizing one's shoes would make more sense on a LIM or LSM, somehow... ;)

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Thanks Ensign, it's not very often I have Cedar Point dreams, most of the time I dream the park looks totally different than it actually does. My dreams are usually quite vivid with colors. I can also use all 5 senses in my dream state (which from what I hear is quite rare).

Nightmares on the other hand are quite horrific, but I won't talk about those on this site because it has nothing to do with Cedar Point.

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The Single Rider Dream: I'm 15 years old again, at the park with a group of kids from my school. I'm DYING to ride the coasters but no one else wants to. They are buying hats, looking in the shops, eating, walking around wasting time, sitting on benches, etc. After hours of frustration I finally ditch all of them and go riding by myself, much to my satisfaction. That never happened in real life but I've had that dream a few times over the years.

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I have had several. However, the most memorable is the red side of Power Tower shooting off the top of the tower and landed on the ground. People were running everywhere freaking out.

I have had several about TTD. The one I remember most is where I got on MTV's Made, and they took me to CP to ride TTD. When I got there, the car was like a flume boat, and the launch was in the water. After the launch, the train switched back to normal. At the top hat, the car flew off, and landed on a different set of track on the ground, and proceded with a Maverick like course.

I once had a rather disconcerting Raptor dream. Midway through the course, each car dropped off an unfinished end of track, falling gently one by one into a giant sandbox strewn with toys. There was some special, unexplainable task that had to be completed in the sand box before we could get back in the train and continue the ride.

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^^About the Power Tower Dream, I have those too, but
in my dreams, they float slowly to the ground.
I stop all nasty accidents in my dream state, and turn
them into gentle non scary finishes. :)

GATEKEEPER-I came, I rode, I was mildly disappointed; until a second ride (rear left) put GateKeeper back on the...it's a nice ride list.

I wish I could control my dreams as well as you can PB.

I have a journal where i right all my dreams that i started in 2003. Around the time i started it i had a lot of dreams about cp and amusement parks in general thanks to my enthusiasm about ttd.

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I had a one last night.

DT got torn down and replaced. Replaced by a DARK RIDE something like Darkastle at BGE. It was sweet. It had to do with some ghost pirates on lake Erie and having a hideout in a cavern under dragster.

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Every once and awhile I will have a dream about still working at CP. When I came home from season 2004, My dreams about CP were very very frequent and didn't slow down until about two years later.

"Mean Streak crew 2004"

I had this weird dream recently where I was riding Magnum and one of the cars came lose. I wasn't in that car, but they still returned the rest of the ride back to the station. For some reason they left the last car on the bottom of the track for a while.

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I had a dream Dragster opened on time......>_>

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