Cedar Creek Mystic Mine Ride

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Considering this is geared toward kids and families with younger ones, I don't know what everyone expected. Sounds perfect for what they were aiming for.

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Anybody know what time they start running this thing Friday nights? (If they do at all.)

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The 48" requirement came after the 5 year old fell out of it in 1984.

I think it is hilarious that CP gave a little dig to KI's shed uber-hype.

Really bad 80s' music and "spooky" lighting = tongue-in-cheek awesomeness.

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^ Huh, there was definitely no music or lighting beyond the spider gobo when I rode it Friday night. That actually would've made the "we're poking fun at Mystic Timbers" bit more apt. I at least expected the ride hosts to say "Don't. Go in. The shed!"

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You would think that they would at least try and make it so that it was working. But sadly all the lights were off in the shed when I rode tonight.

Something not themed good enough at the Point?

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