Cedar Creek Mystic Mine Ride

Like I said, never. Blue Streak, yes. Mine Ride, no.

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Are you sure? I seem to remember it having one. For the longest time you could still see markings from the exit arrows painted on the wood floor. Unless those were just showing the emergency exit route for employees.

Very sure.
There's not room for an unload, and pedestrian's path would've been between the train and the wall in the final "shed". Look the next time you ride, there's not room. And, as noted noted earlier, the ass end of the train hangs out the back of the shed if it should stop/stack there.
I didn't ride CCMR during the first season, but for sure the second. It was a late opener in '69 and wasn't ready when I visited. I didn't get on it til '70. It was the wildest ride at CP. We screamed our heads off.

Source: CP Rundown

What time does it open?

Arms Down, Head Back, and Hold On!...Arms Down!...Arms Down......

According to the CP app it's open with the other Friday night rides at 6pm.

So...not that I'm expecting anything spectacular, but do we know what's in the shed yet?

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Just took it for a ride. Some projected lighting on walls with some spooky music.

There was something at the end of the ride too, when you enter the building for loading and unloading. Nothing worth the hype, but it was still a fun ride in the dark.

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Pete said:

Mine Ride's lap bar latches in only one position regardless of if there are big or small people on the ride

Hmm... I must've been toting something extra in the gut area that time then. Or maybe I wasn't sitting the same way because I've had some CCMR rides that haven't been so painfully tight...

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Tilt-a-Whirl said:
I wish the ride would get new trains like BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN RAILROAD, that way it could accommodate guests who are 40". It would transform this mild coaster into a true family attraction.


It could be a great ride with new trains, making it a fantastic coaster for families and a good starter for the young riders.

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wow! The sign shop went all out on the banner....

Definitely not expecting much from the shed

Missed a full season at CP for the first time since 2007, maybe Sandusky will be back on my travel list next year.... Depends what CP has up their sleeve for 2023.

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Rode this tonight and was very disappointed. Not worth the wait and uncomfortable ride. All there was to it was 2 spinning spider projections in the maintenance she'd and a cooler filled with bones and snakes in the break run with the Mystic Timbers tree. I think this is biggest letdown in Cedar Point history.

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was it at least a little spooky?

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K but that sounds so spooky tho

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Nope. Not at all. Although I'm an arachnophobe, those projections weren't the least bit scary. It was just like those projections they have projecting on the midway.

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What's really spooky is that few people have noticed that the tree on the banner is giving us all the finger

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^^ It's flipping off everyone who expected something bonkers in the shed.

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