Anyone at the park today?

Looks like it would be terrible! I heard all ferries to PIB have been cancelled due to weather.

and seeing the videos on FB of the waves crashing over the rock wall on the chausse and waves more or less almost at the walkway form the beach to breakers... YIKES!

Looks nasty on the webcams.

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Parts of the park look flooded....and I'm not talking about ponds or lagoons.

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Park closing at 2pm, per tweet from the park sent at 149pm

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We have friends at Lighthouse Point right now; they report that the pier is severely damaged. They also said that the water was up to the fire pits on the Breakers "lake side" patio.

The Nor'Easter winds and waves caused the pier at Lighthouse Point to break apart.


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I've got a feeling we are going to hear of more damage as well. The video I saw on the webcams earlier definitely showed a ton of standing water, if not flooded areas of the park.

This is NOT what the park needs right now...UGH.

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If I'm seeing correctly, it looks like the whole parking lot is underwater. O__O I could be wrong because the picture's a little blurry, but it doesn't look good at all.

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Is the TTD camera usually bouncing around that much in the wind?

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I hope Cedar Point has flood insurance.

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They probably do. I imagine they'd have to be prepared in the case of bad weather.

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That's crazy.

So sad to hear they lost the pier, hopefully they can get a new one up eventually. Does anyone have any pictures of it currently?

Also looks like a decent number of people in the park today. Anyone there who can report on current status? From what I can see in the webcams it looks mostly dry, perhaps some standing water in the parking lot though?

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Thanks for posting those pictures Paisley. The past couple of springs when the Marina lot was flooded, the storms & wind were out of the north/northwest. The pictures show flood waters in the handicapped parking area near the front gate, I am wondering if this came from the GateKeeper/beach side of the peninsula as I thought this was a north/northeast wind. I wonder how the freshly paved Chausee fared.

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Found some video of the Chausee. Someone lost a concrete bench. That's even more impressive than the really bad storm when I had to drive around a grill in the road the morning after.

I'm just curious how all the water and erosion from yesterday will affect Magnum's continuous sinking!

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We arrived today. They are still really good at cleaning up after these floods, which is even more impressive given the staffing situation. You wouldn’t have known there was flooding, everything pretty much looked normal and clean besides the Pier.

Only exception it was evident the walkway to out LHP cottage was a river at some point yesterday. Dirt and mulch everywhere. They had that completely cleaned up though by the time we got back from the park.

We checked in around 1 and the waves were crashing onto our cottage deck. Still windy but calmed down a lot since then.

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