Age range of this board?

I am 51 years old. Am I the oldest one here? I remember when corkscrew opened and how scary it was so I go way back

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There with ya. The year my family first visited was 1973.

I'm a Marxist, of the Groucho sort.

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On the verge of turning 21 in a few days

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41. First visit to the park was in '83 or '84, whichever was the last year for Frontier Lift.

Worked at the park in the mid 70's, pushing sixty now.

I will be 39 in 3 weeks. First visit to the Point was in 1982. First ride was Mill Race where my hat proceeded to fall off of my head and into the water on the big drop at the end. That was also the year that White Water Landing opened.

A yr ago I was waiting in line on the Dragster. This lady asked how old do you think I am? I didn't have a clue. She was 86 yrs old. She started riding Roller Coasters when she was 6 yrs old. I was also 6 when I started riding them.

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Long time reader of this forum. Finally joined. 61 years old. First year at the park was probably 1961 or so. I do remember with great anticipation the opening of the Blue Streak. Hard to believe I have been riding it for 49 years.

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44 years here. I'm guessing my first visit was in 1975.

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18. My first visit was in 2000 but I wasn't tall enough to ride Millie, but we came back 3 yrs later when dragster came out and I rode everything except dragster.

42. First visit 1977.

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Boy, I'm going to have to rethink my phrase, "the kids on PointBuzz are driving me crazy!" :)

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I will say there are alot more of an older demographic compared to KIC...KIC there are many kids that I must really really watch what I say :P

Corkscrew, Power Tower, Magnum, & Monster/ Witches Wheel Crew 2011


2003 - Wicked Twister
2004 - Wicked Twister/Top Thrill Dragster

Walt said:
Boy, I'm going to have to rethink my phrase, "the kids on PointBuzz are driving me crazy!" :)

I guess we 'older folks' are PointBuzzards :-)

I am definitely a point buzzard. I'm 65, 66 in a couple months. Been going o the Point since 1948.

Should have added, I went on Jr. Gemini and Woodstock Express for the first time this summer. I hope I can maintain this pace so I never have to go on the bigger coasters.

I will be 51 in few weeks. Been going to CP for 50 years. Waited nervously for 2 hrs when Gemini debuted and 1+ for corkscrew. They were the TTD and MF for my younger years. Don't remember Jumbo Jets that well, only remember the excitement of it when it opened and having fun riding it. My first coaster was Big Dipper at GL and for some reason I think it was called the Clipper when I was really young.



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39. Been going since 1979.

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