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We got into the park around 10:30 and headed straight for Millennium. The line said 1/2 so we were happy. We got up onto the ramp and it shut down for a while. It was about 10 minutes before a train went. When the train did go, it made a horrible metal-on-metal scraping sound near the top, slowed down, then continued over the hill and everything went on like nothing happened. We got into the station and got the second row. It was my first ride since October so I thoroughly enjoyed it. On a sidenote, I really miss the auto speil because the music doesn't seem complete without the futuristic woman.

Next we stopped for food, and then onto Mantis. The line also said 1/2 there, which didn't make me very happy because I'm not particularly fond of it but everyone else was so we went. The line moved quick. Right after going through the loop I felt really dizzy and started to black out. It was the first time this had ever happened to me. I want to give props to the Mantis crew who did a great job. The speiler (I believe Joe was his name) did an awesome job and really got the station involved. Great crew!

We headed down the Frontier Trail and chose to go on Thunder Canyon because it was quite hot. The line wasn't too bad. Going through the course there was this guy across from me who got soaked on the first waterfall. When we went to the next set I managed to dodge all three of them. My seat on the raft squeezed right between them all. It was great!

We headed through Frontier Town, skipped everything and went to Gemini. Right when we got to the station they began racing. Blue, which we were on, won the first race of the day. It was a fun ride. That first drop always gets me. Next up was Magnum. The line was contained to the station so it was a short wait. We ended up sitting in the middle of the train. The ride was fun, as usual. I really love the completed paint job.

At this point we ventured into the Challenge Park and over to Rip Cord. Three of us went, all of our first times. We got into our 'flight suits' and were ready to go. I was the one to pull the cord. The freefall before we started going up was great. We had so much fun and our friend on the ground got some great pictures. We also bought the DVD when we finished.

After our thrilling ride we headed to another thriller, Top Thrill Dragster. Our friend Joanna chickened out so I offered to sit alone because I was the resident CP regular. We got in line intending to wait for the front seat, and that we did. It took about 45 minutes to get to the station, and another half hour for the front. The ride ran beautifully, not a single break down. I got front seat with a guy who was in line near us, we had the green train and had a sweet ride.

After that we headed around and got in line, rather, walked onto the front seat of Iron Dragon. I will always love that ride. It's fun and relaxing and still provides a bit of a thrill.

At this point two of us headed to Wildcat and the other two went their own way. Wildcat was fun as usual after about a 10 minute line. We opted to take the train, but missed it and didn't want to wait 15 minutes for it to come back. On the Frontier Trail we stopped and got a funnel cake. This was my first one and it wasn't what I expected, however, it was still good. Skyhawk was running both arms but had a really long line so we skipped it and hit up CCMR instead. We waited about 5 minutes for the front and had a fun ride.

We headed further back into the park and I took a look at the construction site and took a few pictures. It seems as though there are a lot of footers still going in. On the way into the park I saw them unloading 2 containers of track as well. It was all very interesting. After checking that out we went on Mean Streak. That ride is like being in an abusive relationship. You want to leave, but you can't because part of you still loves it. I always defend Mean Streak but it has really been beating me up this year. I will continue to support it, but CP really needs to do something about that.

After the beating we left Frontier Town and headed for our final ride of the day, Magnum for a second ride. We rode in the ejector seat and had an awesome time. After that we headed up to the front. We stopped near Raptor for pizza, and later, cotton candy.

Trip Summary:

I went with 3 people who I had never been with before, so that was great. All of the rides what we went on were running very well and didn't witness any breakdowns. Ripcord was a great experience and for only being in the park until 6:30, we got a lot of great stuff done. And on a sidenote, what happened to the third Mantis train that used to be under the station/track?

PS: I saw a man wearing a PointBuzz but was rushed and didn't have time to stop. On the back it said Shades in black lettering. Just wondering if you/he is on here.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

Last I heard, the 3rd Mantis train was getting what would be it's off-season refurbishment so that the ride could return to 3 train operation. I don't know if this is true or not though... but I kind of hope it is.

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3 trains on the Mantis? I'll believe it when I see it. What is the point of always having the trains stacked? As it is now, and has been for a long time. they never get a train off before the next one finishes the circuit.


When I went on sunday, they were running two trains but the third was on the transfer track. They will be running three trains this year.

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Actually... On Sunday, for the first time in recent memory, when our train was coming in on Mantis we actually didnt stop. They hit interval, and we just rolled right into the station as the other train went up on to the lift.. It was pretty interesting.

Even so, I'm hesitant to think that 3rd train will be re-added.

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Wow - the world may have just ended after all. How many people really like this ride any way?

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I do. And I was glad to see them hitting interval when I was there in May. I remember the last couple years when they were stacking two trains. In 05, opening day they were only running one train, that was just crappy.

Goodbye MrScott


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What's your preventative measures as to not walk off the ride with a stiff neck and a headache?

If the dang thing wasn't so rough on the head i'd ride it more often.

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Ride on, MrScott!

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I have neck muscles (and a neck, I'm not some no-neck roid freak).

I've never had problems with it. Might get a little weak-legged after a couple rides, but thats about it.

Goodbye MrScott


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I wear glasses and it seems to throw my head back and forth against the restraints so hard that it smashes my ears into my head. I've tried to hold my head against one side or the other but there are some points of the ride that the forces are too much to hold. You would have to be a no-neck roid freak at that point.

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Ride on, MrScott!

As I was reading the trip report I knew I would have been at Millennium at the same time as you and I was wondering if you saw my shirt. Your PS answered that. Too bad we did not get to say Hi.

Am I the only loser who still wears their shirt? I used to see at least one on every visit. Now I do not see any. Several of the ride ops even commented that they are not seeing the shirts anymore.

My 2 cents on yesterday was that there were way too many buses. Being a single rider helped in the morning but by lunch the lines were way too long. My highlights were a solo ride on the first Raptor train of the day and racing Gemnini. The Raptor ride was awesome - no one ruined the moment by screaming or yelling or cussing. Just me and the wind. As far as Gemini, this was the first time I have raced in a long time. It was so much fun to see the younger kids (and even some of the older ones) really getting into it. And I would like to think that I was personnaly responsible for the red train winning two races because I asked the ride op to go easy on the trims:)

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I don't wear park related shirts, usually - every now and again I'll purchase a Cedar Point hoodie, or maybe a hat because some of their stuff is really awesome, but I think I just might have to get a pointbuzz t-shirt with my screen name on the back.

I wonder what people from PB would do more, say hi, or come up and try to punch me for being me ;)


I too have been very happy to see the intervals Mantis has been hitting... and even more excitited that it seems the 3rd train might be used again. Put the two of these together, and the line might actually be bearable to stand in. *** Edited 6/7/2006 5:58:08 PM UTC by DBCP***

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So DBCP...you are willing to "bare" yourself to stand in the line for Mantis? Let me know when you're going, and I'll be sure NOT to be there. ;)

Jeff Young

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There have been some women I'd like to see bare themselves to stand in line. :)

Back to the point - I wear my sunglass all the time at the point (even in the rain) and I haven't had any headbanging problems.

Goodbye MrScott


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I do as well, John. Although, the last trip left me with some pretty nasty raccoon eyes. :(


cyberdman: 'tis true. I've seen Mantis with an idle station more than once this year. I don't know how they're doing it, when no other post-belts crew ever managed, but they're doing it. Even with the two trains they have now, the line moves much more quickly than it used to.

I find Mantis much less head-bangy near the front: those transitions in the second half the ride are brutal in the back. It's no Big Blue Barcalounger, though, that's for sure---not exactly a coster one grabs re-rides on...

Sure my head gets banged around, but I usually try to keep my arms up outside of the OTSR and then curl them up and over, back around to hold on the part that goes over the shoulder so my hands are actually in the way of my head/ears from banging into the restraint. For me it is not the head banginess that completely kills it (athough that still does suck), its those darn non-seats they give you which you aren't supposed to sit in any way. I usually come off the ride with such a pain in my crotch and banging bow-leggedness that I just can't do it too much if at all. If that darn non-seat was more narrow - more like a bike seat - I think it would be better. That sucky ass thing is just too wide!


I can't "stand" Mantis. I ride Raptor instead.


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OMG i was on Mantis on sunday and they were running one train and the mechanics were working on the other one. It was the slowest line none to date.

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