6/5/05, Hot day, No Lines!

Had a great trip on this day as we had little or no wait on most rides. Started out at Blue Streak with a 5 minute wait, then headed to maXair which just broke down when we got there. Started our walk ons at Wicked Twister, then the usual walk on at Iron Dragon. Next was a rare 5 minute wait for Mantis. After that we went to Mean Streak and got a walk on front seat ride.

Our group was getting hungry so we headed to the Pavilion. It was really hot today and as I passed the marquee at the main entrance it said the temp. was 102! It felt like it in the sun but there was a nice lake breeze. Next we headed to Dragster and was shocked when we walked right into the station for a 10 minute wait! Where is everybody today? I heard the place was packed the day before. Got right back in line for 2 more rides with less than 15 min. wait each. Went to Gemini next and it was only running blue trains but still only waited a couple minutes.

Over to MF the line started at the ramp but still took 15 min. to ride. Next we waited about 5 min for Wildcat, then at Power Tower we got a walk on for BOTH towers!!

We got 2 walk ons at Raptor. It would have been more but they shut down to take 1 of the trains off the track. We noticed maXair was open but when we got there is broke down again! It was closed almost all afternoon and was still down when we left the park at 9.

Wow, Sunday is the time to go I guess.

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Wow Maxair is having some issues.

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It was the best day to go. maXair was down almost the whole day opened around 5:30. I got on dragster 3 times and only waited 15 minutes for all 3 rides.

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Maxair was running just fine on Saturday. Sorry you did not get a ride though.

Very odd that maXair is having problems. That is very unusual that during the day there was no lines! Sounded fun.

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I too was shocked at the lack of people at the park. I wasn't sure if they all were at Soak City or it was a day for everyones graduation parties.

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I noticed there were no long lines at Soak City either so it must have been all the graduation ceremonies that people were going to.

new rides always got problems with them the first year it takes them a whle to work all the bugs and problems out adn gett it runing just right give it time they will have it down they always do anyway


Did you miss a class called "English", Mandy?

If you didn't, I think you need to take it again.


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no i did nto for your info i just type fast sometimes and i have typos im sure u have typos too sometimes adn dont lie

so stop being so perfict and no i m not the best speller in the world but damn at least im not stupied


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Wow, I type really fast and with no typos! Guess that means I am not "stupied"

Typing fast is not an excuse. There is a little thing called proof reading.

yea yea yea whatever i type how i wanna type adn half of the time im too buisy to proof read of spell check your just a nerd for being so perfect whatever i got to take care of my kids and this site is not fro crackin on someones typos so leave me be

lol! School is out--it's early June. And you don't need to growl at me, Mandi.

Just stop posting like you are monkey or something.


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Kids?!? The above has KIDS?!?



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whatever there is plenty of room for all of our posts here not just yours so ifu dont like what ive got to say then dont read the post!!

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Sounds like someone needs to read this (and this wouldn't hurt either).

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Seriously, take Walt's advice and read the instructions about spelling and grammar. Don't get so defensive, we are here to help you. Oh, and when you're reading the instructions maybe you should get one of your kids to help you with the big words.

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lol @ dniemi!


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yea yea yea whatever! Why can't you guys grow up and pick on someone more your type (immature).

anyhow my spelling and grammer is far better than alot of people i know and see on the net so dont give me that crap

and yes i do have children not kids ok kids r baby goats i have children and i am a awsome mother but besides that point lets get out of my life and problems and talk about something else for a change !!!!!!!

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