$3 soda = criminal

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I have to complain then make my peace. $3 soda from the vending machine is not only a total rip-off, but insulting. What the hell are they thinking? Maybe it's just because I know they pay little or nothing for the soda, but $3? That goes beyond taking advantage of your guests. That's screwing your captive audience.

I hope they don't sell a bottle, and are forced to go back to $2. I used to buy one frequently on my way out last year. I won't do it again until it comes down.

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I noticed that too and totally agree with you. Just have to throw a couple extras in the cooler out in the car.

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I nearly kicked my little brother when he bought one. I won't be first in line to buy soda at all, I'm content with water.

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We saw this Saturday night at Challenge Park. I agree, though - I didn't mind paying $2, but I doubt I'll ever pay $3. At least the 24 oz drinks at the food stands are $2.85.

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When I was out at Worlds of Fun in April their pop was $2.50 and I thought that was bad... I can't believe $3! Wasn't it $2.50 for awhile last year and then it dropped back to $2? I know CP has to make money and all, but this is ridiculous.. especially when places like Holiday World have pop for free!

I noticed that too - I can't believe they did that. What are they thinking?! Remember last year how they were $2.50 and then they dropped them back down to $2? It'll probably be the same thing this year. I will continue to just drink the free water as I believe $3 is criminal. $2 is already like 50% more than you pay in your local quicky mart and probably 150% more than the grovery store! I believe the screwing in the rear is taking place at the vending machines and not on Wicked Twister! :)

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Actually, I quit buying the pop in the park when the price exceeded $1.50.........

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Who also thinks $8 parking is criminal.

While at Fridays, a Mt. Dew was 2.75, if I recall correctly, btu they gave us free refills.


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You mean, they raised the price on Parking, too??
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Parking is 8 bones this year. I'll just have to deal with that one. Still in line with what other places are charging (except Kennywood of course!).

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If it's any consulation, I didn't see one person buying a pop out of a machine anywhere yesterday. Granted lines were pretty short in most cases.

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Parking is 8 bones this year. I'll just have to deal with that one. Still in line with what other places are charging (except Kennywood of course!).

Did you know that Disney World's parking is only $6?

But you're right, we'll just have to deal with it (unless you have a parking pass) because there's not a damn thing we can do to avoid it! Yes, Cedar Point, lodge this as a complaint!

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I wouldnt be suprised if pretty soon the machine had a lcd display that asked, how would you like to finance this soda today sir?

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I was about to buy a bottle of water yesterday, saw the price and said no. I'll continue asking for cups of ice water.

Free refills at Johnny Rockets. Plus you get to watch the dancing waiters. Personnaly, I passed on the vending machines when I saw the price. I figure not paying the price is a lot better way to complain than whining.
The $3.00 price made me very glad that I had brought my cooler with me. It was well worth the trips to the car.
I bought a six pack of 24 oz. diet pepsi for $1.99 at WalMart. You don't have to be a finance wizard to see what their profit on drinks will be (if they find enough people to pay that much.)


USF's parking is still $7 and for $10 they'll let you park in the handicapped section. Perhaps I should also remind everyone this is a massive parking garage, too--far more expensive to maintain.

Last year, VF's food prices seemed way high copmared to CP and DP. I guess this year they'll be right in line.

Bless you Camille Jourden-Mark for not playing the markup game (I think). At least she wasn't last year...

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Yes, 3 dollars is way too much for a soda. At least it is cold, not like when I bought one from a machine at SFGADV. :( You want to hear something funny? The locker rentals at SFGADV have LCD screans with the choice of paying cash or credit. Locker rentals range from 6 to 10 dollars! But this is for hours of use. Pritty sad stuff.

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I will refuse to pay $3 also. Free ice water is good enough for me. I'm surprised they haven't started charging for that too. Overall, the price of just about everything in the park went up this year. I guess that explains the relatively small increase in ticket prices. And $8 for parking, that's getting a little rediculous.

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I stopped buying pop and water when it hit $2. When I saw $3, I was shocked. Even my son said he would never be thirsty enough at CP to warrant that kind of price. I'll be packing a cooler from now on.
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