150 Years The Fun is Just Beginning

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Those errors were too late to correct before it went to print. Gosh I hope you don’t find the other 20! 😉 But thanks for picking it up. We wanted this to be a project that spanned various interests and we had fun putting it together.

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There's also that whole part about all the things that debuted in 2020... ;)

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I mean, to be fair, a couple of them debuted. Perhaps a 2021 "pandemic revisions" edition??

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Debuting in 2021: The "Karen said to make me Whole Again Because My Book Has An Error Department."


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Just started looking at mine. I noticed a caption stating that the Midway Carousel is the oldest operating ride at Cedar Point. If judging by rides that are original to Cedar Point, like they have operated the longest at Cedar point, that's right but Cedar Downs is quite a bit older I believe it turns 100 next year. It just didn't start out at Cedar Point.

Midway Carousel was built in 1912, and moved to CP in the 40’s. So it is indeed the oldest still-operating ride at the park.
Cedar Downs Racing Derby was built in 1921 For Euclid Beach as the Great American Racing Derby, so we’ll be celebrating it’s 100th birthday next season.

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I guess it's more of an example of could have clarified a bit better...since the date 1946 was together with the blurb stating the Carousel was the oldest I assumed that was the date it was built.

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I picked up a copy of this in Pagoda yesterday. So far, it's a good book. I want to get RTTY because that goes into much greater detail. This book just scratches the surface. Once more copies of RTTY are available (which I heard either in another thread here or somewhere on FB that should be available again around November), I'll get myself a copy of that.

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November is correct on the next print run of Rolling Through The Years. Will be available on our website, Amazon, etc. and we will let everyone know when we have it in stock.

/\ November, that may make it a great Christmas idea! ….which in turn makes it guilt-free 🎄🎢

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It just hit me Tony has an account here!

That's awesome to see!

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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