150 Years The Fun is Just Beginning

Ordered ours today. We were planning on visiting the park next month to get it in person but sadly it seems that things here in Ohio are now much worse and it’s simply not worth the risk no matter how good the park might be doing on its end; it’s the guests that worry me. I work locally in retail and the amount of idiots that refuse to wear a mask daily is insane. So we will wait and hopefully make a trip in the fall.

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Hmm I'm trying to order now and it seems to be sold out.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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Boy, sure glad I got a copy when I did then! They really meant it when they said it would be limited.

I went to the park today to buy the 150th book today and bought it. It was right next to Ken’s book and I looked through it. I have to admit when I was wrong. I thought $100 was way too much for a book. I was totally wrong. $100 for this masterpiece is a huge bargain. I had to buy it as well. I think I met Ken back by Town hall and he was very nice.

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Hi; I was working the Guest Services booth outside Town Hall today, so it was probably me. Hard to tell with the masks!

Thanks for the comments about the book and I am glad you are enjoying it.


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Books are back in the online store. But international shipping isn't offered. Boo!

Edit: Tony stated on Twitter that international customers can contact Merch Dept through the website and request a book. I messaged last week and am still waiting for a reply.

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We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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Tony says these books started shipping on Friday. Anyone get theirs? Or even a shipping notice/tracking email?

We ordered two books as soon as Tony posted they were available. We were driving on I-75, on our way to Wapak Oh and couldn't get them ordered fast enough, Still patiently waiting for them. We are watching daily for mail truck, UPS, FedEx.

FYI, Wapakoneta Oh is where Neil Armstrong was born.

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I got mine at the park a few weeks ago, and spent an hour or two going through it last weekend. There's some really great photos in there, both from the park as well as submitted by patrons. I really loved the concept art pages. Congrats to Tony and the rest of the team for a great book that will likely be scoured in many off-seasons to come.

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Stacys said:

FYI, Wapakoneta Oh is where Neil Armstrong was born.

More importantly - Wapakoneta is my home town.

What were you going to Wapak for? Hopefully you got a pork tenderloin sandwich at Happy Daz while you were in town.

I I ordered a copy the day they went on sale and have not received it yet either. Wish I could track it, but that doesn't seem possible. Not Ken's fault, but when I ordered his book, it came to Monroe, Mi. by way of Pittsburg Pa., so God only knows where it may be.

Skydiver, We have been anxiously waiting for our books as well. Watching for the mail, UPS, FedEx. I don't know how the shipping routes make sense. I ordered a package from Westerville Oh to Hardin County in NW Ohio. When I checked tracking info it was from Ohio to Ohio by way of Westerville to New York to New Jersey...back to Cincinnati, then Columbus before finally being delivered. Crazy.

Shades, we were in Wapak to grab swag for a 5k that was for the Annual Summer Moon Fest Did not stop at Happy Daz, they are pretty popular, not much there I could have, those tenderloins are deep fried-cant have that. I hear the milkshakes there are great.

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My copy just came today via USPS. Truly a gorgeous book!

I bought my 150 Years... book yesterday. It’s ok for a coffee table book- it could be a touch more comprehensive.
I’m going to triple check, but there seems to be a huge lack of coverage of CP’s carousels. I see 2 brief mentions of 1946’s Midway Carousel and unless I’m missing something that seems to be it.
You’d think with the park’s rich carousel heritage that there would be a chapterette or at least a page dedicated to the various machines that have appeared throughout the years, all of them antiques and one of them extremely unique.

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So you are saying that you will not be displaying this book along side your precious and highly curated collection of other books?

Got my copy yesterday. What a beautiful book! A great companion piece to Ken's epic. Thanks to Carrie, Tony, Ann-Marie, Kristy, and Paul for all their hard work and research.

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Got my book yesterday, $146.70 later. $114 Canadian for the book and international shipping, and $32 more for UPS brokerage fees. Looking forward to looking through it tonight, but that was one expensive book.

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^Ouch on those brokerage fees. Just a heads up from a logistics guy, you can clear your own UPS shipments as long as they are valued under I believe $1600 at your local CBSA office. I guess depending on how far away from the office and how much time you have, it's not always worth it, but it is available.

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^Good to know, thank you!

Just looked though the book. I loved the conceptual and blueprint pictures. Nice collection of pictures throughout the book. I found a typo/error on page 107. It claims Skyhawk opened in 2008, when, in fact it opened in 2006.

We'll miss you MrScott and Pete

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I noticed that one too. Also today I saw on page 33 that it says Pipe Scream was introduced in 2015. The Gemini midway overhaul was in 2014.

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