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The big new ride for 2014 is Pipe Scream, and it is not entirely unlike the one at Kings Island.

Now, I can tell you from experience that Pipe Scream will be an excellent ride. But I kind of wonder why they chose this ride rather than the Disk'O. When Kings Island opened theirs, the reasoning was that the Disk'O seats 24 and their new ride seats 36. But Zamperla now offers a version of the Disk'O Coaster with a 40-seat disc.

My observation of the Kings Island ride is that the four outside corner seats offer the best ride, the twelve end seats offer a good ride, and the twelve seats in the middle...where I always seem to get stuck...offer a mediocre ride at best.

So I am kind of curious why Cedar Point opted for this version, rather than a round version with 40 great seats on it.

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Interesting question Dave.

I wonder if CP was looking for something less intimidating than the 40 seat disk? The inward facing cars certainly give a more secure feeling than the disk's open-air seating. Thus keeping with the desire to appeal more to the family side of things.

I also wonder if there a difference in the height requirements?

Richie A.

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Also, along the same lines as Richie said,maybe CP will let guests choose their seats and they wanted a ride that offers a choice of a milder seat with the middle seats.

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Exactly what I was thinking. Especially with littler ones, what's a best ride for some is not a best ride for others.

My 5 year old has an eye for the milder seats on rides like this that we have ridden, so I think this option is more inclusive.

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Oh I hope they do offer the opportunity to choose your row of seats. It bums me out having to sit in the middle rows of a swinging ship. I'd really rather not ride, thank you.

Richie A.

I am not a huge fan of spinning rides but have ridden on the surfboard type at KI and a Disk'O at Dollywood. My kids enjoyed both but my preference was KI's and the kids wanted to hop back on KI's over and over while the Disk'O was one and done. I rode both at the back end and middle seats. Your seat does offer a significantly different experience which could be a big plus for the GP, if you can pick your seat.

I have no complaints on the surfboard but would have liked it a little taller. However, the Disk'O was far from my favorite. First, the restraint is released and smacks into your back. No damage but not a usual greeting from a restraint. Second, the ride had a nice whip effect occasionally but other times it was just a modified spin'n'puke. Third, I found the outward facing seating to be a bit awkward. It was uncomfortable and that was enhanced by the more forceful periods. Perhaps that is a height/weight issue.

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I am glad CP picked the one they did, a lot more family friendly, parents can sit with their children as opposed to separate seats as well as the ability to pick the grade of thrill. As mentioned above, I also see the spin 'n' puke factor with the circular one.

Looking forward to this ride where all four of us can sit together and laugh.

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After riding the Disk-o at Kennywood and Waldameer recently, I am glad CP went with the inside facing version.

To be honest, the Disk-O rides can be quite the 'ball crushers'. I was honestly very uncomfortable (as was my buddy and a few other guys I overheard getting off the ride). Maybe the cycle was too long or something, I dunno.

I am looking forward to the CP version!

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I've never ridden either, but it does appear that Cedar Point's new version would be much more family friendly as opposed to another thrill ride. Also, the Disko's that I've seen on line don't appear to have the hill in the middle. It seems like the hill in the middle would be the ride more fun.

Of course, I also notice that the Disko version with outward facing seats looks like it would be extremely similar to MaXair.

...and enjoy the rest of your day at Cedar Point, The Am-aaaa-zement park!

I rode KI's surf dog, and they let us pick our seats. It was a fun ride, actually, if you sit in the back rows, you really get whipped around :) I hope CP lets you choose seats too.

I have never been on one, but it looks like the Disk-O rides will require a taller height requirement, because of the seat designs. If they picked this ride, then it would have been yet ANOTHER ride that only older kids and adults would enjoy.....so I'm glad they chose the surf board type.

I agree with the Pipe Scream being more family friendly because of the smaller height requirement but we just rode a Disko called Cosmic Chaos at Kennywood last month and it was very fun and my little ones loved it, though I believe you had to be 48" tall to ride it. The wife wouldn't bother going on it but probably won't go on the new Pipe Scream either. The Disko (Cosmic Chaos) looks alot worse than the ride actually was. It was mild,IMO and I would compare to a very small Maxair/ocean motion hybrid if that makes any sense.

Do these types of rides get anyone dizzy/nauseated? I can't do spinny rides and am afraid Pipe Scream won't agree with me. But is there anyone else who can't do spinny rides that has been on a similar ride? If so, did it make you dizzy or were you fine on it?

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Ride On - I was able to handle the spinning when I was younger but now I need to be cautious especially with head banging. My bane is the Monster which spins on one axis but at three different points. Ride, arm and car all spin and this trashes my head. Last time I rode it, I was done for a half hour. That being said, I was able to handle both.

The Disk'O was more annoying and this might have been due to a cycle time that seemed a bit long. I would not re-ride it immediately or potentially at all. Surf Dog at KI was more enjoyable and I didn't notice anything real nasty and was able to re-ride but would not marathon. I suggest watching it and asking others for seating recommendations. I guess it all depends on how much spinning you can tolerate.

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Ride On_17 said:
Do these types of rides get anyone dizzy/nauseated? I can't do spinny rides and am afraid Pipe Scream won't agree with me. But is there anyone else who can't do spinny rides that has been on a similar ride? If so, did it make you dizzy or were you fine on it?

I was fine on a ride similar to Pipe Scream but the Flying Eagles got me nauseated for almost 2 hours when I rode them at Kings Dominion- I didn't expect it at all because I can handle most dizzy rides :(

I miss 2011 Terror Island where are youuuuuuuuu!:(

I think Cedar Point should stop focusing on making new rides and bring back rides and haunted attractions they took out the last 2 years:)

They have their reasoning for everything they do, whether it makes sense to us or not. I wouldn't get my hopes up of former attractions coming back any time soon.

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^^ In the extremely short time you've been on here, I think we all understand your stance regarding Cedar Point and haunts. So please look at what topic you're posting in before commenting.

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that's true ttd I just wanted to express my feelings and emotions though:(

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That's fine but there's a time a place for everything.......sometimes. :P

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