Winter Chill Out 2023

We had 9 AM reservations for the 2023 Winter Chill Out. This year it was a guided tour. We started at the train depot. We then progressed to the MF tunnels for a walk through. Next stop was through the exit of the Slaughter House attraction to the front, and over to SV for a photo op through the tracks. Then over to the sign shop and a visit with the Boneville cast, and then down to Pavillion for lunch and a photo op with the cheese car of the Wild Mouse. After lunch was a quick presentation with Tony Clark of what's new and what's gone. Then over to the Arcade for some free gaming, followed by the costume shop and then some shopping.

I preferred the previous non guided Winter Chill Out, but it was still very fun, especially the MF tunnels.

We stayed at Sawmill Creek which was nice.

Now a 29 time Steel Vengeance survivor! Two time Winter Chill Out dude.

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