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One of my off-season activities is to frame my "Sweet 16" coaster pins. I am trying to put them in chronological order but the Wildcat is causing me confusion. Looking at CP's website they say that Wildcat was opened in 1970. However, the history section on Pointbuzz says "1979 - • WildCat is replaced by new model and relocated to area near Space Spiral"

What is meant by "new model"? If it was the same design then I could be persuaded to agree that the date should be 1970. However, if it were a different design then I would have to say that 1979 is the correct year.

Anyone know which year is correct?

They are both correct. Wildcat opened in 1970 near Space Spiral. After the 1978 season that Wildcat was moved to Valleyfair. Then in 1979 we got a new Wildcat that opened at its present day location.


Was it the same wildcat design or was there different track layouts?

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I'm pretty sure it was the same design, but it doesn't make sense. Why the heck would they build the same ride after taking one down why not build a new one at Valleyfair!

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The real crime is that the Valleyfair coaster was replaced with an Arrow wild mouse.

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Dan is, oddly enough, not entirely correct.

The Wildcat opened in 1970, and my understanding is that it was located where Oceana is now located. Remember, near the Space Spiral was the Jumbo Jet which opened in 1972.

The present Wildcat was purchased new for 1979 and was erected on the present site of Disaster Transport. I do not know if that was also the season when the Jumbo Jet went away (Walt?). The Wildcat was moved to its present location when Avalanche Run opened in the 1985 season. My guess is that when the new Wildcat was built, Cedar Point already knew that they were going to build the aquatic stadium for the 1980 season.

The new Wildcat is a refinement on the older design. I don't yet have verification that the old Wildcat had the track layout that tucks in under the first turnaround before the long drop on the back side, but it did have the quick uphill between the station and the lift with the double kicker-wheel.

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Yes, Dave, that timeline is correct.

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i remember the wildcat in its first location along the beach. it was next to the old aquarium. i looked at some of my vintage maps i found last year to verify it. i think the color scheme was blue and red. there was also a wildcat sign mounted to the lift hill, i believe. man, that was a long time ago.

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If you check out the Demon Drop postcard with the fireworks in the background (still available in some gift shops throughout the park), you can see the Wildcat in the background, which was taken in 1983, the last year the Wildcat was located next to the Space Spiral.

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Actually, I had some photos from Space Spiral that someone sent in on GTTP, but I don't think it's in the current gallery. It was indeed on the Oceana site.

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If I would have to name a coaster that really scares me, it's Wildcat. Anxiety sets in while crammed into that little car with my legs crossed. I get the sensation of flying out onto the midway. On a more positive note, the 2003 face lift is cool. The neon green framing with purple track looks really good. The former beach side was nice, but Wildcat fits nicely in its current location.

According to the shot glass set that I got last year with all 16 coasters, they list it as opening in 1970.


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CP states the current Wildcat has been there since 1970: http://www.cedarpoint.com/public/inside_park/rides/thrill/wild.cfm

If the park never announced that Wildcat was replaced in 1979, I guess many view it as the 1970 original.

Actually the layout on the new Wildcat is just slightly different than the original. On the former the swoop turn under the first turn led directly to the straight drop along side the lift, on the newer versions there is a short flat spot with a trim brake before that drop. I recognized the relocated Wildcat was an updated version when it "moved" to the spot by the Space Spiral. The new version had a lot of flash the old ride was lacking, with wide chaser-style lights up the lift and around the high turns. The stations were also more elaborately decorated with lights. I remember asking a ride op why the change and he explained that they bought this new one for CP and the old one had moved to Valleyfair. (Did the Bayern Kurve also go to Valleyfair the same year?) At the time I sorta didn't believe the ride op, questioning the logic in such a move/purchase. I found out later, though, that he was right.

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They did announce that the 1979 WildCat was a new model.

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Gotta love those Breaker's prices, huh Walt? With inflation, I wonder how today's prices compare...


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Prices adjusted for inflation (to 2004 dollars):
Couples: $99.92 - $126.21
Families: $126.21 - $184.06
Suite: $184.06 - $262.95

Wow! But you are getting more today than you got back then.

Since I'll visit Castaway Bay in January and CP again next Spring & Fall, I'll expiereance the Point Resorts again soon..I have never been disappointed.


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I am guessing that the park didn't originally plan to even get a second Wildcat when they decided to move the original to Valleyfair but they probably felt they needed something to replace the Jumbo Jet, which if I remember correctly was still very popular.

And why was jumbo jet removed?

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