Wild Frontier Nights - June 3, 4, 10, & 11

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And I imagine it will do very well because even at a regional amusement park, I have to believe there is a market for it. I for one would gladly shell out that money for this if I am only going to get one trip to the park this summer.

Agreed. I'd rather pay for some serious walkon conditions on arguably the two best rides in the park, as well as some opportunities for unique food and live-E experiences over a crowded day at Coastermania.


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^^ think of it as an up charge for deodorant and clean shirts :)

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Regarding this whole event, I'd say sign me up. I just turned 21 back in March, so I'm looking forward to an event like this. Come on, what's not to love about this(prices aside, and let's not forget $99 is the least expensive option)? You get walk on wait times for the best rides in the park, Live E that's probably unique to this event, competitions and games, new food, and drinking plenty. I don't think I can say no to that. Reading over what the site page says, this whole event looks like it's going to be an absolute blast.

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People don't think anything of spending $100+ on tickets for concerts, sporting events, etc. I think three hrs. with two of the best coasters on earth and without the GP (they're all invited to Coastermania) is more than worth it.

1 week left till the event, all 4 days are still available, so now they send out the discount. Guess it wasn't as popular as they hoped. $40 off the middle tier option. Essentially free food/drinks as if you bought the lowest one. Not sure how widespread this deal is, did every passholder get an email?

I had already decided this wasn't designed for me and planned to skip it, now I have to reevaluate.

I received the same offer. I'm not planning a trip on those weekends, but if I was, this puts it more into the realm of something I'd consider.

The thing I'd be worried about is weather or mechanical issues really throwing a wrench onto things.


The current state of park operations and the way the park evaluates the need to close rides for weather would make me hesitate for sure.

Very curious to hear from anybody who attended WFN how the event and ride time specifically went.

Heard it was a ghost town and because of that, the ERT was good. Nothing about the food and beverage offerings though.


Apparently they’ve been giving away free tickets to people. Man I wish I could’ve gone just for the ERT.

I have heard nothing but great things about it. The specialty Lusty Lil show is getting rave reviews, the food and drink reviews are all positive, and station waits for Maverick and Steel Vengeance are a dream for all of us.

It's essentially the anti-Coastermania

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Agreed, Cartwright. The usual negative Facebook/Twitter posts about the park are turned upside down for this event. I have yet to see a negative comment. And the special atmosphere they created (unique lighting, special touches all-around) look spectacular.

Are the crowds sparse? Yea. That was the point. Is there room for more people? Probably, but this is also completely new for the park.

While I would say this event isn't necessarily geared towards the "marathoning" crowd, people are saying they rode Steel Vengeance and Maverick a dozen times (with literally no waits whatsoever). There were apparently "bigger" groups just enjoying the food and the special entertainment (chainsaw carving, live-E) than the rides.

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Weird, I was right about this being a great idea.

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My only concern with an event like this at Cedar Point is the recent lack of dependability for ride operations and uptime. If I am paying $100+, I want to make sure a 15mph wind or extremely light rain shower isn't going to bring the coasters to a halt.

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Apparently you can just get a ticket for free on the day of...

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It's disappointing if ticket sales are so poor that they are doing this. But if that is the case, offering the free tickets to the right guests will definitely get some food and beverage revenue.

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There is definitely a certain customer for this. I did an Epcot dessert party once, champaign and fancy stuff made of sugar, and didn't think twice about spending $70 a piece on it (included plenty of room to enjoy Illuminations from the best spot, too). Similarly, I'm willing to spend freely in a fun environment on good food and drink with a limited number of people, which is why Disney cruises are so much fun. Excellent service, high end stuff, casual, not too many people (adult areas are amazing on ships intended for families)... TAKE MY MONEY.

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