Wicked Twister, Run it's course?

I hear the rumor once in awhile that maybe Cedar Point will bring back the classic cyclone at that footprint. They would have to move rides around to make this happen, but I Think it would be worth it.

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Correct me if I am wrong, but those footers you two speak of were there previously from the Live E shows they ran in that spot after they removed the Oceana. They were used for stage lighting trusses.

I see that Max Air is not even listed as an attraction on the Website. I could see a single rail going out past the parking lot aside from Gatekeeper; I don't see how a Woodie would fit unless they move everything I would love to see a pier!


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MaXAir is still listed on the website.


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The maXAir, because Ohio.

The maXair.

You can go for a ride on The maXairs right after we finish our errands at Costcos and Giant Eagles

With the news that my wife and I are expecting child number 2 next year, I raise my argument once again that a revamped kids area is something that would be a wonderful addition to the park. Seeing the satellite photos posted earlier makes me realize just how large of a piece of land exists; and with maybe a removal or relocation of the existing flats it could really open up the area for a fantastic modern kids area, with a family sized rollercoaster too. However I suspect that is NOT the plans the park has and would lean more towards the celebration plaza idea or another coaster of some kind. I can dream though!

Plot Twist. Wicked Twister isn’t going anywhere. It’s just getting a name change like Mantis did.

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I'd argue Mantis got more than a name change

Wicked Twister with new style Impulse train (over the shoulder lapbar) and 8 swings instead of 5… Wickeder Twisterer


Ok. Now I see Max Air. Funny, all the other Rides and Slides are listed from A-Z and there Max Air is at the bottom?!?! I love this, Wicked T, Power Tower and Sky Hawk!


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Funny you should mention Ginormous Eagles Cartwright as they seem to be in retreat in Ohio.

WZNM said:

Ok. Now I see Max Air. Funny, all the other Rides and Slides are listed from A-Z and there Max Air is at the bottom?!?! I love this, Wicked T, Power Tower and Sky Hawk.

It’s a lot less funny when you realize you’re not spelling correctly.
For the last time- it’s maXair. Which makes its placement on the list correct.

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Because the third letter is the first letter?

I'm starting to agree with the entertainment venue concept, it just seems to make sense, especially with that idea of it being set so people on the beach can see it too. But my only thing is what would it look like. How would the views of the beach look?

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
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Twisted I was thinking the same thing. I understand what RCMAC is saying about the correct spelling, maXair, but am still confused as to why that would put it at the bottom of an alphabetical list and not in-between Maverick and Midway Carousel.

Now that closing day for Twister is done, there’s not much more to do than quote Douglas Adam’s and say “so long and thanks for all the fish.”


Regarding alphabetized ordering: at least in computers, one way of storing text is ASCII. ASCII stores all the letters on the keyboard as a number. All the uppercase letters are grouped from 65 (A) to 90 (Z), while the lower case letters are 97 (a) to 122 (z). Sorting using this method, all the rides with uppercase letters would come before lower case.

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You're a dolphin?

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Just for clarification, have they actually said WT structure is coming down?

I’m not a fan of it in its former format. Never have been. But if they modified the trains and made it a flyer, I could definitely go for that.

Just wondering what they would name the coaster?

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