Wicked Twister, Run it's course?

Okay...Okay....I wasn't going to do it. But now that someone has bumped this thread, can I just say this? Told you so!

Now. I'll accept a spanking for gloating and go to my room.

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Crap. My bad. Lmao

Ride On!

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Gonna have to make a 15-2 Never Forget Tee Shirt.

Hmm maybe they will put in a new complete circuit launched coaster that will reuse the dedicated power line that was installed for WT. I can understand the park's justification for wanting to remove WT based on the wait times being very short every time I have been on it in the last 10+ years (despite the ride's low capacity), even when the park was busy. But it is a great coaster and I am sad to see it leave. Hopefully it gets relocated rather than scrapped.

They gain very little space by removing it which is why I suspect there is another reason for removing it besides that.

Fingers crossed for a Mack Xtreme Spinning Coaster like Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City, even though that is unlikely considering there are currently only 2 of them in the world.

"Cedar Point has to install a dedicated 34,000-volt power line that stretches four miles for one purpose: to power the coaster. With all this juice Wicked Twister's train will reach a speed of 72 mph in just 2.5 seconds. And that's wicked fast! "We're using such a massive jolt of electricity to operate Wicked Twister that it would be enough to power 550 average-sized homes," said Monty Jasper, vice president of maintenance and construction at Cedar Point."


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But Kings Dominion removed Volcano 2 years ago and hasn't built or announced a new launched coaster since then so my suspicions may be wrong.

^^ Aha. A long time poster on this forum also. I was on the old GTTP/ Virtual Midway sites way back when. I don't think your suspicions are unfounded at all. I'm glad somebody else besides myself remembers them trenching through the main parking lot back in the winter of 2001 to put in the cable for the LIM/LSM launch. Is it possible that existing cable is going to go for naught in the future and never be used again? Possibly. Do I personally think so? Not at all. I've hinted so as much in other threads on this forum. I've got my suspicions narrowed down to 2 possible type of coaster replacements and they're both made by the same manufacturer. Remember, CPs always been on a 5 year plan, very important to remember. My 2c.

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Nothing quite scares the manure out of me like the back seat of WT. I like so much about the ride. Experience. Station. Station music. Launch sounds. Color scheme. Short wait time. Lake Erie / waves.

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I rode it yesterday in the back row (is any row better?) and plan on being there next Monday for one last twist.

I always wondered about the shock absorber bumper at the top of the spike? It was a bit concerning that they would have to put something there in case it went too high! Has anyone seen it or been on it when it hit this thing? Also, I'll admit that I'm a bandwagon guy and when they announced the closing I wanted a t-shirt or button or anything Wicked Twister. Sadly I only saw a kids shirt in the pagoda shop. Seems like if there was any Wicked Twister merchandise it sold out early this season.

Better to have them than to not and then have it RCT itself

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I mean, from a design perspective I would just add stuff like that bumper at the top of the spike just to get inside people's heads and make them think it's necessary.

All part of the fun.

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With the ride's end nearing, I've been thinking about what their plans are for the area. With the naïve belief that I have good ideas, it seems like the area is a natural fit for relocating Celebration Plaza. It's more spacious (more on that below), the stage could be situated such that people in the park and on the beach could enjoy the show, that's near where the fireworks are launched, which would create quite the backdrop, people watching the show wouldn't be blocking a main thoroughfare, and so on.

I'm sure there are as many or more reasons why moving the stage there is a terrible idea, but what struck me when looking at the two areas is just how huge that space will be once WT is gone. The entirety of Celebration Plaza is around 50,000 square feet.

The entirety of this soon-to-be open plot is damn near triple the size.

And moving the stage there, along with reorienting Perimeter Road, would open up a huge swath over there as well. I have no real point here, just interested in the possibilities.


I think it's a great idea!

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^^We agree... plenty of room for both Celebration Plaza AND the new T-Rex coaster. :)

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Correction, log flume.

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How did both of you manage to misspell "GCI coaster?"


Shouldn't that be spelled "Gravity Group"?

they could fit a compact gertslauer or a MACK Powersplash... they would need to extend the WT footprint out 100Ft towards windseeker. BUUUT... I think they are hiding footers in the VIP area.

I agree, they are hiding footers--large ones--in the VIP area. I noticed them during Coastermania. At that time they weren't even painted, just bare concrete.

Bluestreaker said:

I agree, they are hiding footers--large ones--in the VIP area. I noticed them during Coastermania. At that time they weren't even painted, just bare concrete.


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