Why does the Corkscrew’s loading station look like a hat?

Could someone make me a hat that looks like the roof of the Corkscrew loading station with the looping logo on the front? I’d wear it!!


Apparently the nickname for the Corkscrew is “the Blue Pizza Hut” because of the station. LOL! And “Buildings That Used to be Pizza Huts” is a real thing. Seriously, what is up with that look? Was that a defined architectural style back in the 70s?


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^^^ If you pause this video at 1:13, you’ll see the Gemini loading station looks like a Pizza Hut too!

Don't give them any more ideas for another restaurant.

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^This. Corkscrew needs to be an Arrow looper that lasts for a few more good generations.

I can say the top of the station is a skylight in that top hat box area. It does actually provide some good ample light as one season a bird nest blocked one of the skylights and was pretty noticable. Secondly, I wouldn't be surprised if the setup was to help highlight the ride station from a distance, almost akin to a highway restaurant sign. Lastly, not that I know anything here, but given how heat rises, I wouldn't be surprised if the elevated bit helps funnel heat up and away from the platform itself and maybe just a happy little coincidence.

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That is way too funny......

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