Who's going Opening Day?

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My friends and I are planning on going Opening Day. It'll be the first time we do.

Is anyone else planning on going then? I imagine it's going to be pretty busy with GateKeeper hopefully being running by opening day. Is anyone worried about the weather? Though it's still a ways off, the current forecast for the day is Showers and a high of 71.

I won't be there all day, but will probably head out later in the day, maybe getting there around 2 in the afternoon. Given the park's location right on the lake, I wouldn't bother looking at the forecast until a few days before. Even then, it can change in an instant. I think it'll be fine as long as there aren't downpours the entire day.

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Thanks for nothing. :D

That topic's in the wrong forum, and it's not even on the first page. I'm not going to inspect the entire forum before making a post.

And yeah. I know it's pretty hard to have a reliable weather forecast for Cedar Point, especially this far out... would be nice if it was better, though.

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I would hope for a chance of rain, maybe it would keep the crowds away.

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That is a good point...

How early does the Season Pass Center open? I live 3 hours away from CP, so it's not like I could just take a drive during this week there to get my Pass. I'm hoping we'll leave early enough that we can get there before the park opens or very shortly after.

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Im about 3 1/2 hours away. From their website: season pass center, Saturday May 11th, 9am-closing

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Aah. Well that works wonderfully. I wonder how the rest of my friends would react to my saying we should be heading out around... sometime from 5:30 to 6:00 in the morning...

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I know at least once in recent years they have opened the pass center early on opening day (I believe it was around 8). Not sure if that happens every year, but if you plan on processing your pass that day, the earlier you can get there the better based on the lines I've seen in the past.

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