Who has been to the park this week?

So far the crowd pattern seems to be repeating itself. Thursday nights are great, Fri/Sun are crowded, and Saturday's almost not worth going during the prime hours. Especially if you're there for the Halloweekends stuff, but that does seem to be taking the load off the ride lines a bit.

Agree on the coasters food. I haven't tried the burgers at Johnny Rockets or Stockade this year since I haven't heard anything about improvements there. Anyone have a recent comparison?

Edit: And rainy days are great between the thunderstorms.

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Johnny Rockets is well Johnny Rockets. Just like Chic-fila is Chic-fila. Typical chain. I prefer what I’m seeing with cedar fair foods lately. Very impressed thus far.

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I agree on this year's Midnight Syndicate show as well- amazing. I absolutely love the Mr. Midnight character- he's full of unsettling charm and I hope they make him a permanent Halloweekends figure.

Also, I *very* highly recommend Tell-Tale Heart. The guy who does it is spectacular and brings a disturbing, manic energy to Poe's murderous narrator and plays brilliantly off the audience's reactions.

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I prefer what I’m seeing with cedar fair foods lately. Very impressed thus far.

Who would have thought any of us would ever say that back in the "People Gotta Eat" days?

I am sure the park is slammed today and will be slammed tomorrow

How does the park determine max capacity? A few years ago they were turning people away by late afternoon on a sunny 70 degree Saturday in October.

They stopped allowing new cars coming into the parking lot for a few hours because there was nowhere to park. The park itself never closed.

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Not even fastlane will save you.

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