Who has been to the park this week?

It’s called a whistle.

Sollybeast said:

I wonder if, when she screams on coasters, she does it in an octave only wild animals can hear.

I'm not sure, but apparently she walked the park in 5" heels, so by the end of the day her FEET were screaming, that's for sure! She said 'never again', but I don't think she's ever been in an amusement park before if she thought high heels were a good idea! Yikes.

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It always amazes me how many women seem to think high heels at Cedar Point are a good idea. Some women must just go to the park to be seen and not have fun.

I think a lot of them don’t realize how big the park is and how much walking/standing is involved until they get there.

With that said, I’ve always wanted Mariah Carey to come to Cedar Point because she’s mentioned in a few interviews that she loves amusement parks. I always wondered if she knew about CP. A video remake of “Fantasy” on Millennium would be awesome ;)

Question, how are the crowds on days like tomorrow when the park first opens? I know it get busier at night during Halloweekends but how about during the day Friday’s?

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Let me see here...

Results inconclusive. Could be dead, could be packed.

That'll be $40

Ok ok you made me laugh…..

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Serious answer, though - this year has been a crapshoot (actually the last 2 years) and it's really hard to tell what may happen. Parts of the season that have always been dead are now pulling a full parking lot and days that used to be busy are bringing out 15 minute waits.

That said - Sandusky is a huge High School football town, like a lot of surrounding towns - so this early in the season, your chances of a smaller crowd because everyone is under the Friday night lights are greater than, say, next month.

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I just wonder what it’ll be like during the day when kids are in (well supposed to be anyway)school

Not sure how much HalloWeekends is going to change this, but last Friday (during the Bonus Weekend) was absolutely deserted until about 4-5, which would line up with school getting out and families heading to the park. Maverick and SV’s lines both ended at the bottom of the station stairs when I rode them around 2. After 5, it picked up a bit, but still a very low crowd level (20-30min on Maverick).

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With the park leaning more into variable pricing, the gate price indicates how busy management expects the park to be, and they have a lot of data going into those decisions, so it's as good a predictor as any. That, combined with local intel like Josh pointed out, along with weather forecasts, can help target the days where you're most likely going to encounter light crowds.


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It was very empty yesterday. Everything was walk on except Maverick and that wasn't bad. Worse I saw was 4 lines in the queue. At 10:00, the Maverick line ended halfway up the stairs.

^ I concur. Every open ride in the park was a near walk-on with the exception of Maverick. We walked directly onto Gatekeeper and Valraven during early entry, waited 2 trains for a front row Magnum ride, and were the only FL+ riders in the Maverick line.

It was what Friday nights used to be.

^ Ditto what they said. Maverick was the only ride with a wait (30 mins standby, walk-on for FL+ which I was using since I bought all-season) between 6:00 and 8:00 pm for me. In that time I rode Cadillac Cars, Lake Erie Eagles, Steel Vengeance (which had a standby walk-on), Maverick, Mine Ride and Millennium Force (roughly 10 minute wait). Lined up for Midnight Syndicate show around 7:45 thinking it started at 8 as per the Cedar Point app. Apparently 8:30 was the start time. Oh well, it was worth the wait. This year's show is more of the same if you have seen the show before, and also rather different as "Mr. Midnight" and his zany sidekick are in the show as they narrate and cause antics in between songs. Clowns (!), old west themes and vampire stories are all part of this year's performance and yes, the ending of the show is still a bit too intense for those who are easily frightened! Fun Tip: sit in a center aisle seat at the back of the house or in the row between the front and rear sections if you would like to be closer to the scary stuff!

Definitely hope to go back again next Thursday to see the scare zones as I didn't have time last night. Oh, and if you don't like hordes of gnats, I'd recommend staying off the coasters because you will be covered in them! :)

Excellent trip. Lines were non existent except for maverick and SV. Millennium was down but oh well! Great day at the park!!!!

Was there tonight (Friday). Pretty crowded. Did not help the fact that Millennium Force is down (mechanical?).

Also, there is no tombstone for Top Thrill Dragster at Dead Rides Cemetery. I would assume it's because that would be sort of disrespectful as to the reason why it closed.

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Looks like a good night for endless riding if you dont mind the cool air

First ride; Magnum 1994

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I went the 18th, got FLP and it was pretty good. Only problem is a couple rides were down (Maverick and Magnum). Those got fixed and I was able to ride, and I got two rides on Steel Vengeance. Crowds weren't the craziest. Also, Midnight Syndicate's new show rules.

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I'd rather be sailing

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Went yesterday 9/23 and it was fantastic! Weather was great ride crews were on it!!! Great day!! BTW the coasters diner burgers are incredible! Never had them before and all I can say is wow.

It’s been a few years since I’ve stopped for food at Coasters. “Incredible” and “wow” are not my memories. Glad to read that dining improvements continue to impress. Will check out next visit.

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