Who did you see?

Jeffrey Spartan: was that you with a bunch of guys parked next to Bluestreak in a green SUV with the big MSU block S on the back windows? I noticed a guy in a MSU basketball shirt with some other guys there.

Did anybody else notice the blonde woman with the CP and Raptor tattos in line at the front gates? The one getting on her kids nerves because she couldn't stand still and insisted on riding Raptor first because it was "right there?"

That sounds like LuvRaptor to me!!!

The Dawn of the Millennium is upon us!!
Everyone, grab your season passes
and repent!!
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That was me Nathan WLB!!! Ya like the Jimmy!!!! I was with the inlaws!!!

Might wanna watch what ya say too.. Nathan:)..THAT WAS LuvRaptor and her kids..We hung out near MF together later on and snapped pics together...Shes a sweetheart!!

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