White Water Landing queue sign brought back to life

Yesterday, 4:52 PM
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The team at the Cedar Point Sign Shop has restored the gold and teal sign "Rising Sun Stove Polish" sign that was once part of the White Water Landing queue.


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Yesterday, 6:50 PM
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That's awesome! Maybe this is part of a larger project in preparation for next year? I'd love to see some more of these old decorations brought back to life and bring life into the areas.

Still haven't been able to uncross these circuits...
DJ Fischer

Yesterday, 7:24 PM
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That’s fantastic! Thanks for the heads up, Walt! 👊

Today, 8:40 AM

I never noticed how dreary the building has become. The only bit of color was the moss growing on it. The sign dresses it up nicely. Hopefully they add some more.

Today, 9:59 AM

And that shot of the original station has been floating around and I mistakenly thought it was the latest end result. Oops, not so.
Actually, I don’t recall it ever looking like that, and I rode that ride on opening day and many years after. It sure looks mossy now...

Today, 11:32 AM

It's the little things. I absolutely love it.


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