Which coasters/rides can I wear my glasses on?

I haven’t been to Cedar Point in about 10 years it seems. When I went on the Maverick they made me take my glasses off and put them in a big wooden bin. I was nervous someone else’s items would crush them buy it turned out OK. Anyway, this time I was planning on bringing a glasses case to store my glasses, and I guess I need to find a pair of cargo shorts with zipper pickets. I don’t want to lose my glasses!

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Just get a strap.

Mr. Snrub -

And that’s supposed to stay on your head OK with no issues?

Dennis Urban -

I've been using a CP strap for 27 years now, never had a problem/always stayed on/never uncomfortable.


Yes, it’s supposed to stay on your head. It’s why it was invented.

Mr. Cedar Point -

I have glasses. Wear a Glass Strap with them, and they won't tell you to take them off. You can buy them at the Park.

Mr. Snrub -

These are SO DORKY.

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