When should we be expecting

Well they did say that the river expedition would be a new experience. Your idea would qualify as new so can't rule it out.

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That sounds awesome. What about a GCI woodie back there?

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I'd rather be sailing

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^The GCI woodie will duel with the Raptor! duh!

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Scratch that, a flyer would be better.

Steel Vengeance rides: 206

I'd rather be sailing

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Based on Cedar Fair’s recent trend of ridding their parks of coasters with “unique” riding positions (standing, flying) and the fact that they have NEVER bought a flying coaster makes me believe that the flying coaster ship has sailed.

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Do the B&M flyers actually have a 1500 capacity? If so, it wouldn’t be out of the question but still unlikely, assuming the dual stations increase the staffing,

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I still have yet to ride a decent flyer that lives up to CP expectations. What do I mean by that? Something unique and high capacity. All B&M coasters require a crew that is willing to actually work for good numbers.

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Canada's Wonderland has a flyer. Presumably bought by Paramount. And it is terrible.

Eat 'em up, Tigers, eat 'em up!

Let's just convert Rougarou to a flyer.

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Whenever they decide to put a new coaster in, I sure it would be something they don't already have. The recent trend is to have a record breaking coaster of each type.

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If by recent you mean since the 1970s, then yes.

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“Some of the secrets of Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island will be revealed on Monday. 🤫

What will the map show on the last day of island fun. It IS Truce Day after all... We'll see you there! 🗺️❌”

Just tweeted by CP...hmmm could this reveal something for the next two years??? Find it interesting that this area closes for the season after Monday.

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Just give me a log flume and a Top Spin, and I'll consider this two year 150th celebration a success.

Tatsu is crazy intense and Flying Dinosaur looks fantastic, but I'd still rather have a modern GCI. With a dual loading station in place I think capacity would be fine in the early years of the ride if it were a flyer.

One thing that is a common complaint about the CP lineup is the lack of family, tame coasters and something like Tatsu would be one of the most intense experiences in the park. The pretzel loop is insanity on that ride and the lift hill scares the crap out of people.

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If anyone happens to be at the park and you're curious, the "Truce Day Finale" starts at 6:00 PM at the Middle-Ground stage (by the playground, for the uninitiated).

Jason "Mad Dog" McClure will be there, so you should be to.

Or be square.

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