When should we be expecting

I was at the park a few weeks ago and it was PACKED. They started to direct card to park on the grass over there. So I'd say no, it's not off limits to guests. I bet it will be used a lot this Halloweekends season to extra parking (assuming they don't do some type of construction at that time)

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Last year it wasn't restricted as I had to park back there on a crowded day. They planted grass and left most of the parking lot for overflow parking.

While the park has made it clear that a record breaking ride isn’t happening, Jason can clearly be heard stating in an interview earlier this year that it wouldn’t be a 150th celebration without some kind of ride/attraction.

Personally, if any ride is going to be built my money is on a water ride. Tony and Jason have been eluding to that for a few years now since STR went away.

Now will it happen next year? Who knows. But I don’t doubt that a ride of some sorts is coming. It could very well be a classic ride from years past that they bring back.

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I just returned from the park and believe that a complete redo of the main midway would be an excellent addition for the 150th anniversary year. As it currently stands, it's the worst designed area of the park and produces a weak transition from the much improved front entrance and does not interface well with the arterial sections surrounding it (Gatekeeper / Wind Seeker, Kiddy Kingdom, Planet Snoopy and the Valravn / Blue Streak areas). it's simply too disjointed and incoherent not to address in the near future. Plus, if they're adding a celebration parade, fixing the design of this major area will better allow the park to develop such a parade. [two cents]. And, log flume...

Tall and fast not so much upside down...

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White Water Landing II

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Where would you put WWL2 though?

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On the 4 acres of new land they created. ;)

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What would you do to fix midway? Also wwl2 could fit on top of MFs tunnel areas over and around the first drop turn around area.


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Main Midway: Cover it in asphalt, remove the mature trees and the background audio.

WWL2 in that area would be a great idea, it would keep the water rides centrally located and utilize the natural foliage of the area.

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About your idea for the main midway...It's pretty good except for the removal of the trees. It would be nice to keep them, if not maybe plant a few more trees for natural shade. Not only that, but they look nice. For WWL2, I would honestly start it near forbidden frontier or have it go around there, maybe theme it so it is a part of FF.

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I believe the asphalt and tree removal was sarcasm, right?

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Yes. Old Gemini midway reference

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Has anyone asked Lemon Chill guy yet what’s on tap for next year?


I tried to last time I was at the park but the Lemon Chill stand was down. Apparently the wheels where installed upside down on the cart and it was stuck backstage. Kinda bummed out honestly.

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I have this feeling that tomorrow's announcement will pertain to the closing of an attraction. I'm probably wrong though, it will probably end up being an announcement of an announcement.

Now that I’ve heard that Cedar Point will celebrate their 150th over the next two years. I’m willing to bet the big attraction will be year two and think next year they will renovate midways and such.

Just a thought.

It looks like it could be 2021 for the T-Rex!

According to Alan Schilke 2018 interview at IAAPA, he said we would see a medium size Raptor

with a different kind of vehicle before the big T-rex.

And Six Flags Great Adventure announces this morning the RMC Raptor "Jersey Devil"

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"Six Flags Great Adventure is home to the best and most innovative roller coasters on the planet, and we are thrilled to expand our unrivaled collection with the Jersey Devil Coaster," said park president John Winkler in a statement.


Ugh, marketing talk can be so gross. Those statements don't even hold up within the Six Flags chain.

Seems like there would be a lot of risk being the first one to build a T-Rex coaster. I'd rather they take a "wait and see" approach and then build the best T-Rex coaster after it has been proven.

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Honestly a small version of an RMC raptor that was family friendly but also went over water would be awesome. Maybe through the lagoons or back in Frontiertown. (Yes I realize the river expedition has already been announced)

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