What's included with cottage

I know that linens are included but what about dishes, cutlery and bbq utensils?

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Nope. You have to bring your own everything else.

The cottages are very basic but just fine. You're not there to be in the cabin, I'm assuming, so don't expect a Rocco Forte experience! But they absolutely foot the bill. I'll say that the mattress on the pull out couch (in my experience) stink so if you have your own blow up mattress you can bring you may want to consider bringing it.

We stayed in a cabin last year and are staying in one again this year. Here is my list of things that I'm bringing based on last year's experience:

Air Freshener - It's a small place. Ventilation is good but you know how it goes! The bathroom is tiny and I can't remember if the vent actually vents to the outside so air freshener is a must!
Aluminum foil
Broom and dust pan. - Yup. Bring a broom.
Coffee Maker
Computer Charger
Coolers -- There is a refrigerator in the cabin but it is small. If you're traveling with several people I'd bring at least 2 coolers.
Dish Towels
Dish washing detergent
Lighter fluid
Paper towels
Power Strip(s)
Sharp knife
Toilet paper
Tongs for grill
Trash Bags
Zip lock baggies

I know it may seem like a lot to bring but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm the kind of traveler that prefers be at the airport waiting for the plane than sitting in traffic worrying if I'm going to make the plane. Have fun!

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I'll be in one of the cabins this coming weekend. You need your own toilet paper? Do they provide towels for bathing?

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Hi we just stayed in a cottage this weekend. Had a great time.
Place smelled fine. Was clean. Bring a broom to knock down spider webs on dec and around the cottage door.

Linens, blankets and pillows were provided along with kitchen and bath towels.

The bathroom also had an assortment of soap and shampoo.

Small refrigerator with tiny freezer along with a sink and microwave. Plenty of shelves in the kitchen. Two flat screen TVs and wi-fi.

The deck had 3 chairs and two small tables. There was also a charcoal grill.

Our family had a great time and will definitely stay there again.

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Ive never stayed at Lighthouse, but on trips like that, as long as I'm driving and packing a bunch of stuff, I like to throw in my own fluffy towels. And comfy pillows. That just makes sense, as the ones they provide usually suck anyway.

^Thanks- that info helps a lot! I imagine our group of 10 will just be eating cold cuts, fruits and snacks. We don't want to waste too much time. this might be a stupid question, but do they provide charcoal? At the price, it'd be nice, lol. We like to travel light. I wasn't asked to help pay for the cabin, so I offered to bring some food, snacks and beverages-to defray their cost some. I'm local, others are coming in from Tennessee. I see they have a pool also. Are adult beverages allowed in that area?

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The camp store attached to the Lighthouse Pointe Office sells charcoal and bagged ice and almost anything you need. Prices seemed reasonable.

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Our cabin had extra(for futons)bed linens, pillows, bath towels, hand towels(kitchen), 4 cup coffee maker and supplies to make 2 pots of regular and 2 pots of decaf. There was a dorm size fridge and small microwave also. Other than a extra roll of TP, tissues,& and small complimentary shampoo/ lotion/ soaps- that was it. I also recommend bringing a few trash bags, depending on length of stay. Rule of thumb-if you use it at home regularly, bring it with you for extended stays. The cabins are very well thought out, with clever use of space. But they are small. the loft sleeping areas are spacious for the size, but ceiling height is even tight for kids. A/C worked wonderful. Outside area was gorgeous with a large picnic table and awesome views! Parking(by the cabin)was tricky if your party comes in multiple cars. One cabin over appeared to have 8 people, but 6 cars! All in all, it was great, but won't do it again unless I win lottery, or get invited to stay by family again(for free..lol)

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