What's going on in Sandusky this weekend

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Trying to book a hotel at my usual places, and everything I usually go to is booked or the other places prices are way jacked up, even more than the Coastermania prices.

Any reason as to why? I know Jul & Aug are the busy season up there, but wow, to see everything sold out..wow.

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I would say it's for Hall of Fame weekend, but that's in Canton and I don't think hotels would be booking all the way to Sandusky.

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The Summit Motorsports Park (drag racing) in Norwalk is hosting the Pontiac Nationals this weekend. Norwalk only has 3 motels so the race fans that attend stay in Sandusky. This event will attract thousands.

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Try the Maples Motel. It's quaint little motel on the way to Cedar Point. I think people are here because they know summer is ending. They want to get more fun in. Good Luck!

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Thanks. We may or may not head up this weekend it's still TBD, I usually stay up in Port Clinton or somewhere on Rt 6 like the Motel 6 but sadly the latter is sold out & Port Clintons price jumped about 60 dollars for some reason.

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