What has happened to Halloweekends?

As of Friday, Bayou was not open at all. The dragster side entrance was closed with no sign, and the island entrance had signs posted that it would open next weekend.

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Seems like a great location to me.


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You know what? I kind of like the idea! Can't wait to see where that's headed. However, I still want to see part of the waterpark used for a scare zone.

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Yes, that’s a high-traffic area.
Isn’t it still outside the gate?

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CP HR needs to watch out for this guy.

Haunted house actor stabs boy in foot with knife.

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^Yikes. If the company's story about that guy acting alone when he got the knife is true, then I'm very surprised at the last statement about them "thinking about" firing him.

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Well, ya know, help is hard to find these days…

Every haunted house has a prisoner. They could just put him behind bars.

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Wasn't sure where to put this, so...

A subtle change from previous years (unless I just didn't notice this before).

If you're someone without a season pass, getting into Cedar Point for Halloweekends costs 49.99/ticket (assuming you purchase online and not at the gate). For Saturdays in October that price is now 79.99 with the online discount.

Maybe it was like that last year?

Just purchasing some group tickets for a Sunday in October, and I thought they were quoting me for Sunday, and I was like...hmmm...our budget needs increased!

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Yeah but, there’s fog…

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Based on the past years' crowds the ~$80 gate price for October Saturdays seems right. It will be interesting to see what impact, if any, it has on crowds. If I were a betting man I'd wager there still room to increase prices.

Also, if crowds hold at those rates it makes me wonder if Gold will either see another bump, or lose HW access. Once you add parking, split among a group of 3, you're only ~$35 from the Gold price.

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What was the gate price last year for the Halloweekends Saturdays? I am assuming it was less than $80.

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I think the price last year was just the baseline (49.99 online price) for any Halloweekends day. I've been doing group tickets for my students for the past 13 years, and this is the first time I have ever noticed a jump. It's also the first year the park sent me (as a "group leader") an email notifying me of the change for October Saturdays, so I think this is a new (and smart) move on part of the park.

I don't think it will mean less people, just more $$; like Brandon mentioned above they are probably still below a number that would start to put a dent in the insane Halloweekends attendance.

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And even if it does impact attendance, it would be better for the park and their guests if they had ~2/3 the gate crowd at roughly the same gate revenue.


If the gold pass stopped including Halloweekends, that would be it for me. For the last several years, I’m there more in the last 5 weeks than the entire rest of the season.

That 1/3 of the gate you want to eliminate buys 1/3 of the souvenirs, 1/3 of the food, and plays 1/3 of the games. Not to mention that with less crowds, comes less need to purchase fright lane & fast lane.

Not all guests spend the same amount. Some spend more than average and others less than average. If you skip going to the park because the price increased, you are more likely to be in the bottom half of spending. So its not necessarily the case that reducing attendance by 1/3rd means there is 1/3rd less spending.

^^ Where did you get your data from to determine this?

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It's just math.

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