what are the prices?

I'm going tomorrow but I want to know how much parking will be and my mom and dad will just be swimming so how much is the spectator fee to just get into the park and spectate? Thanks!

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$15 regular parking.

No spectator pass. Price is the same for everyone whether you ride or not.

So another 50 bucks for my mom and dad? That's a bit too pricey alright thanks.

You mean after they took the only summer days off their bosses will allow? Now you're not going?

I mean I'm going but I never expected so much money...

There are lots of live shows at CP that they can enjoy if they aren't riding so you can definitely get your money's worth. The online pricing is cheaper- so look at buying your tickets before you go. Over age 62 gets a discount too.
Soak City is a separate park with its own admission price unless you buy a ride and slide ticket.

If your parents are only going swimming, then they're going to Soak City and not being "spectators" at an amusement park. That's a separate admission that is much lower than the Cedar Point ticket price. If you wanted to get your parents into Cedar Point for a low price, sorry. There's still plenty to do without riding anything, in terms of games, shows, dining, etc., so there's no reason for them to offer non-rider passes. Plus it complicates the whole park, having to check wristbands or something for every single rider.

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