Went to CP 3 times in the last 16 Days. General Thoughts

Went on Memorial Day, Saturday June 12th and Monday June 14th. I went solo on all three dates but I did run into some friends on the 12th.

First time at the park since around 2016. Also first time with Season Pass (Gold)

1. Memorial Day - All rides were open except for Snake River Falls and maXair I believe.
I got on 26 Total Rides. 20 Unique Rides. Went on 6 Rides Twice. Used Fast Lane Plus. I got into the park around 8:45am and left around 7:45pm. Enjoyed Frontier Festival.

2. June 12th - All rides were open except for Gatekeeper/maXair I believe. Much shorter day. I got on 10 Rides. Used regular Fast Lane. I got into the park around 8:45am and left around 2pm. Enjoyed the rest of Frontier Festival.

3. June 14th - All rides were open except for Gatekeeper/maXair. A few rides were off/on available, including MF. Got on the first train for Magnum XL-200 AND the first train for Steel Vengeance. No Fast Lane. I took a much more leisurely pace. Checked out the Glass Blowing Theater, Barnyard, and even got on Matterhorn and Wave Swinger lol. Only went on 6 rides that day and loved it.

Overall: I learned soo much in just three days in visiting the park, such as how early to get there, best places to start, when you should or shouldn't get Fast Lane, what rides I like, others I don't-- The restrooms to avoid, the pace you should keep, etc.

I'll probably go back at least 4 more times before the end of the season!

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Restrooms to avoid….all of them. 🤭

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